In the UK, Pampers is the leading brand of nappies. They’re usually the most expensive so mums often use store brand nappies during the day and the trusted Pampers at night. This is what I was doing until moving to Aus. Then I found myself completely outside my nappy comfort zone.

What nappy brands are sold in Australia?

  • Huggies dominate the supermarket shelves. I tried Huggies in the UK  and didn’t have a good experience. This made me reluctant to become a Huggies mum in Aus, although most mums swear by them. A mum-friend recently commented that Huggies here and in the UK don’t feel the same,  so don’t get hung up on experiences elsewhere.
  • Pampers recently began selling here. The Pampers Active brand is called Cruisers.
  • BabyLove are the brand I’m most confident with, so far, although they’re not the cheapest.
  • Snugglers are cheaper than most brands but I could only buy them in bulk from Big W. Had I been able to buy a small packet I would have road tested them for you.
  • Comfy Bots are one of the cheapest brands. I tested them out on my two year old. They’re fine during the day but didn’t pass the nighttime test.
  • Mamia are a brand sold at Aldi supermarkets and are in the same price bracket as Comfy Bots.
  • Nature Babycare – Eco Nappies aren’t cheap but are the only eco disposable nappy widely sold in supermarkets. I’ve read mixed reviews.
  • Coles supermarket have their own brand called Dry Fit; we’re happy with these for daytime use.
  • Woolworths have two home brands, one called Homebrand that feels very thin, for this reason we haven’t tried it. The Woolworths Select brand feels much more substantial, by squeezing the packet, but is more expensive than BabyLove so we haven’t tried them.

How much do nappies cost in Australia?

If I sound authoritative about the price of nappies in Australia, it’s because I recently went on a price comparison exercise in our local mall. I compared the price of the main nappy brands in Coles, Woolworths and Big W. Not exactly Australia-wide and ground breaking research, but here are some prices, and a summary of how the prices vary between stores.

Nappy prices – a rough guide

  • The cost per nappy ranges from 30c to 51c
    • The cheapest at around 30c per nappy are Comfy Bots from Coles or Mamia from Aldi – if you buy in bulk you can sometimes get Huggies or Baby Love for about the same price. 
    • The most expensive at 51c is Huggies
  • 36 Huggies Toddler nappies cost from $18 to $20 per packet (around 50c per nappy)
  • 36 BabyLove Toddler nappies cost from $15 to $19 per packet (around 44c per nappy)
  • 24 Coles Dry Fit Crawler nappies cost $9.99 (41c per nappy)
  • 36 Woolworths Select Toddler nappies cost $17.98 (49c per nappy)
  • 14 Woolworths Homebrand Toddler nappies cost $5.99 (42c per nappy)
  • 96 Snugglers Toddler nappies, sold at Big W only, cost $33.98 (35c per nappy)
  • 128 BabyLove Infant nappies, sold at Big W, cost $33.48 (26c per nappy)

Without boring you any further with figures, here’s a summary of the conclusions Mum drew for future nappy purchasing.

Where to buy

  • In most cases, Coles were the cheapest place to buy nappies. Huggies and BabyLove were cheaper in Coles than Woolworths.
  • Big W sometimes offered better value as they have more bulk buying options.
  • Huggies are the most expensive nappies; the cheapest place to buy them is Coles.
  • BabyLove are one of the more expensive brands but are cheaper than Huggies, again the cheapest place to buy BabyLove is Coles.
  • Comfy Bots nappies, sold at Coles, are one of the cheapest nappies around. Mamia nappies, sold at Aldi, cost the same.
  • Snugglers sold in bulk at Big W are only a little more expensive than Comfy Bots and Mamia.

Mum’s nappy strategy

Before doing this research I hadn’t paid much attention to where I bought my nappies, tending to grab a pack whenever I was shopping for groceries (Coles or Woolworths). I will now go out of my way to shop for nappies in Coles. I’ll also be saving a few cents but using Comfy Bots or Coles Dry Fit for days at home, and before and after swimming or beach action, when nappies don’t get worn for long.

If you have a nappy strategy you’d like to share with Mum’s gone 2 Aus current and future readers please let us know in the comments below. It’s taken me eight months to devise mine, let’s help other mums get off to a cost effective and leak free start in Aus.

P.S. Much like the UK, cloth nappies are popular in Australia with a number of good quality options. Mum will be writing about this soon.

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