Letter to Santa

**Note: This article refers to Christmas 2010; for an up to date version please read: Christmas post in and from Australia 2012**

Trees and decorations are in the shops, and Santa is arriving at our local shopping mall in less than two weeks; there’s no escaping that Christmas is on its way.

I am usually the least organised person about Christmas. I do my gift shopping on Christmas Eve, and wouldn’t think twice about posting cards at the same time and hoping recipients assume they were posted on time, but got caught up in the Christmas rush. But, being in Aus and in less contact with my nearest and dearest, I thought it time to pull my Christmas socks up and get organised.

Here’s what you need to know if, like me, you have good intentions of getting cards and gifts there on time.

Christmas stamps released by Australia Post this week

On 1st November, Australia Post released their Christmas stamps and cards. There’s a “Dear Santa” collection with pictures of a little girl writing to Santa, a Christmas Island set with natural scenes from the Island, and a selection of stamps representing more traditional themes such as Madonna and child, and the Angel and shepherds.

Australia Post also sells Christmas card packs containing cards, envelopes and postage stamps.

Postage stamps are cheaper at Christmas

If you’re just sending cards, the postage price is 5c to 15c cheaper during November and December, when using Christmas stamps.

The cost of postage for a small card or letter within Australia is usually 60c. For international mail, the cost of a postcard or greeting card by Air Mail to most countries is $1.45.

Christmas stamps cost 50c for cards within Australia and $1.30 for overseas destinations. I’d check at your local post office to confirm your country of origin is eligible to use the cheaper postage stamps, the UK is included.

It’s worth remembering that Australia Post release a set number of stamps so if stocks run out before Christmas you’ll be back to standard postage costs…another reason to get organised early.

Christmas stamps can be ordered online.

Remember to “write card” only

If you’re taking advantage of the cheaper postage, remember to write “card only” on the envelope. You also need to ensure that the card fits within the standard small letter size: no larger than 130mm x 240mm.

Letters to Santa’s Australian residence

In Australia if your children write a letter to Santa and post it to the address below by 17th December, including a return address, they’ll get a reply. Santa’s Australian residence is:

Santa, NORTH POLE 9999

Posting parcels

Australia Post recommends all international post be sent by 15th December for delivery before Christmas.

Full details of parcel delivery times and cost are available on Australia Post’s website under Parcels Internationally.

Feeling organised? For more tips and inspiration about Christmas cards, gifts and mail, visit the Christmas pages on Australia Post’s website.

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