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We like to think that Family Mum’s gone 2 Aus is fairly well travelled, and if we haven’t stayed somewhere with the children we might have visited as backpackers. We’re also fortunate to have friends who have lived and worked all over the world; if we haven’t stayed somewhere directly, we know a family who have.

We’re starting our Australian stopover series with Thailand. Over the past ten years, and before living in Australia, it has been our home away from home. We spent six weeks in Thailand en route to Australia, when we relocated from London to Sydney.

The Mum’s gone 2 Aus stopover series will become a series of series. First we’ll look at Thailand; over the coming weeks we’re going to write about Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Thailand – a family favourite

  1. Thailand: Bangkok
  2. Thailand: Bang Tao, Phuket
  3. Thailand: Koh Takiab, Hua Hin

Although the journey from Australia to Europe can be very painful with small children, just thinking about some of the great places to visit on the way is making Mum’s feet itchy again! If you have favourite stopover destinations, hotels or activities that you’d like to share with Mum’s gone 2 Aus readers, please let us know in the article comments.

Thailand quick facts

  • When to visit – The best time to visit Thailand is between mid-November and April, to avoid the rainy season. November to February is winter in Thailand but temperatures range from 22 – 32 degrees, mid-February to April is summer where temperatures range from 27 – 37, often hotter in Bangkok.
  • Flight times – 12 hours from London
  • Getting around
    • Air: Low cost airlines like Bangkok Air, Thai Airways and Air Asia offer cheap flights from Bangkok to other major tourist and beach destinations.
    • Taxi: Whenever we book an airport transfer or long distance overland journey in Thailand we tend to book a mini-van. Car taxis are cheaper, but the Thai driving style is fast and furious so we figure being in a slightly larger vehicle might offer some protection in the event of an accident. We always ask for child seats but they’re not that freely available.
  • **Recent political demonstrations** For up to date information check foreign office travel advice, most tourist destinations in Thailand are unaffected. There is a list of places to avoid in Bangkok, and visitors should steer clear of demonstrations wherever they are. If you’re heading out to the beach locations (Phuket, Hua Hin) you’ll have no worries.

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