Last week Mum attended her first Aussie baby shower, what a great tradition! In the UK, we’re slowly catching on to this lovely Mummy party but for British mums it’s still a rare event. Mums from the United States will be familiar with the format. Is the fact that baby showers are big here another indicator of how closely aligned Australia is to American culture?

Who has a baby shower? Mums expecting babies of course! A baby shower is usually organised for a mum-to-be during the final month of her pregnancy. The party is attended by female friends and organised by a close friend or relative of the pregnant woman.

The mum-to-be at the shower I attended, had her first bub in the UK so missed out on this celebration. Her lovely Aussie friends made sure she had one here before the birth of baby number two.

I have a question for Aussie mums…How many baby showers can one mum have? Do mums usually only have a shower for their first baby, or can you stretch it to two or more? Mum thinks we should take advantage of any excuse for a girly gathering.

What happens at a baby shower? Unlike a Hen Party, it’s not a big secret what happens during the party (thankfully, “what happens on tour stays on tour” doesn’t need to apply here).

The shower is usually attended by women only; those who are mums already often leave the kids with Dad. The showers I’ve attended have taken place in the afternoon at someone’s home; preferrably not at the mum-to-be’s place because she shouldn’t have any work to do in preparation, or cleaning up afterwards. Arranging an afternoon tea at a restaurant or hotel is another great way to spend a baby shower.

Of course, when you get a room full of women and mums, the conversation usually turns to children, babies and birth stories. Mum has often thought that pregnant women might think twice about having a baby shower if they knew all the horror stories they’d be in for. But, for every horrific birth story, there are lots of positive and proud comments about how beautiful babies are and what a wonderful thing it is to be a mum.

Baby shower games are common. There’s even an Australian website called Baby Shower Games wth some great ideas. During the shower Mum attended we played a baby themed version of Pictionary, and used a piece of string to guess the circumference of the mum-to-be’s girth… naturally, the winners got chocolate!

Baby shower gifts

It’s normal to take a gift to a baby shower, something for Mum and baby. This can be tricky if the sex of the baby is still a surprise. Baby shower gift ideas include;

If Mum has more children (not likely if you speak to Mr Mum’s gone 2 Aus, possible if you speak to Mum); she’ll definitely be making the most of the Australian baby shower tradition.

Thanks to the hostess of the baby shower Mum attended, and Mum hopes the Mum-to-be (again) has chance to put her feet up before baby arrives!

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