Last month Mum wrote about Thailand, one of our favourite stopover destinations when travelling from Europe to Australia (and vice versa). To continue our series of Australian stopover destinations we’re reviewing Singapore, in South East Asia.

As a backpacker Mum spent time in Singapore and has transited at the spotless and well organised Singapore airport on several occasions. In fact, spotless and well organised are terms you’d use to describe everything about Singapore, these qualities alone make it a great family stopover destination.

Flights from the UK to Australia via Singapore

Travelling via Singapore is one of the fastest and most popular routes between the UK and Australia. British Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Qantas fly from London airports to Sydney and Melbourne via Singapore; total travel time is around 23 hrs. The flight time from London to Singapore is around 13 hours, and Singapore to Sydney around eight hours, passengers typically spend two hours at Singapore airport.

Singapore Airlines have daily scheduled flights from Manchester to Singapore and on to Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Recently, Singapore Airlines has earned a reputation for being the best airline to use when travelling to Australia. The airline has won a number of service awards and in 2010 came second (to Asiana Airlines) in the world’s top airlines awards.

Singapore Changi Airport

If you’re flying from Europe to Australia via Singapore, you’re likely to have a few hours at Singapore airport, just enough time to stretch your legs, use the free Internet service, and have a look around duty free.

If you’re spending longer at Singapore airport you certainly won’t get bored and there’s no need to be uncomfortable, spending time at Singapore Changi airport is something of an event in itself. The airport website lists things to do, depending on the duration of your transit.

There are a number of convenience stores at Changi Airport, within the departures and arrivals terminals, that sell baby products.

Stopping over in Singapore

Although the flight from the UK to Australia, via Singapore is one of the most straight forward, families with young children often opt to spend time in Singapore to break the journey. Over the next few days Mum will be sharing our;

If you have Singapore tips and treats to share, please do so in the comments below, or drop Mum an email. Thank you.

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