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Mum was recently asked a question that we thought would be interesting for all parents travelling to \ from Australia, in fact anyone travelling by air with infants and children.

How much luggage can you take for a child or infant?

The luggage or baggage allowance is similar for most airlines, and similar for the majority of international flights. A word of caution if you’re reading this and travelling to \ from the US: these flights may have different weight and size restrictions to other international flight routes.

In researching this information we visited the websites of four of the major airlines families use to fly from Europe to Australia: BA, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Etihad. The baggage allowance for each of these airlines is similar.

By the way, we’ve written this for everyone who travels Economy class. If you travel Business or Premium Economy you’ll probably get an extra allowance. If you’re a member of a frequent flyer club you may also be permitted to take more.


Children older than two need to have a seat booked on the plane. This means they have the same luggage allowance as an adult; in most cases this is a 23kg piece of checked in luggage and a 7kg item of hand baggage. For children, you may also check in one fully-collapsible pushchair (stroller) and one car seat.


Infants (children under two) don’t generally have a seat on the plane, but they do get a luggage allowance. Parents are typically allowed to check in one additional item of luggage (around 23kg) for the infant they are travelling with.

You can also check-in other items needed for the infant such as a fully-collapsible pushchair (stroller) and car seat.

Etihad are the only airline that stipulates that all checked in items (bag, stroller and car seat) should be within the 23g weight limit. For other airlines the weight limit isn’t clear.

Qantas only permit three additional items in total such as “a collapsible stroller or push-chair, collapsible cot or bassinet; or car seat or baby capsule.” Qantas state that charges will apply for any baggage carried in addition to the checked baggage allowance and three infant items.

Trunki BERNARD Bernard Bumble Bee Childrens Ride On Luggage


When we flew to Australia with our children, the number of individual items we carried was laughable. We had two suitcases (checked in), two back packs (cabin luggage), a stroller, a travel cot, a booster seat, a trunki; and at any given time a number of plastic bags with toys or food and drink. We were never questioned about the number of items we had, although whenever we stopped and set off again we needed a quick item count to make sure we hadn’t left anything or anyone behind.

What’s your experience of carrying and checking in luggage for children and infants? If you’re about to set off…Happy travels!

P.S. We’ve provided general information here, we’d recommend you also check the specific luggage requirements of the airline you’re travelling with.

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