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At this time of year many families are preparing for long haul trips; whether they’re moving to a new country, like Australia, or heading off on holiday. You might be visiting friends and family who have already moved overseas; or maybe you’re going on look, see and discover trip for your own relocation.

At Mum’s gone 2 Aus we’ve written a number of useful articles about flying with children and babies, keeping children entertained on the plane, and what to take with you during the flight.

Tips and advice on travelling with children

Here is Mum’s wrap-up of our most useful “Travel with kids” articles; if there’s a topic we haven’t covered or if you have a pressing question about an imminent trip please let us know via the article comments, we’re always happy to help. Have a safe trip!

Before you leave

If you’re currently planning your move or visit to Australia one of our most recent articles will provide food for thought regarding the Best flight from London to Sydney. This article explains why QF32 from London to Sydney is probably the best flight to avoid jet lag.

Before you leave you will need to understand your luggage requirements, this can get complicated for families with young children – here’s what you need to know about luggage allowance for children and infants.

As you finalise you’re packing, you will be thinking about what to take to keep your little ones entertained and comfortable during your trip. Have a look at our six products you shouldn’t fly without for inspiration. We would also recommend the travel toys available from Peanut Gallery.

Baby feeding

If you’re travelling to Australia with a baby you will be planning their feeding needs well before you leave your country of origin. These articles tell you everything you need to know about baby formula and food available in Australia. The article comments provide additional invaluable information.

In Flying to or from Australia with a baby? Here’s Mum’s advice… we talk about the baby formula you’re allowed to take with you on the plane and in your checked in luggage.

When travelling with a baby you may also be considering everything you need in Australia to keep them comfortable and safe. If you haven’t brought them with you, or they are being shipped by sea, you may need to hire car seats, a pram, a high chair and other essential baby items. Read Renting stuff in Australia part two – baby equipment for everything you need to know about hiring baby stuff in Oz.

En route

Some of the articles we’re already mentioned offer advice on keeping babies and children entertained during a long haul flight.

If you are leaving your pushchair at home you should also read Strollers in airports and talk to your airline about borrowing a stroller or pushchair to get around the airport – at departure, in transit and upon arrival.


An inevitable side affect of long haul travel, for the whole family, is jet lag. In Flying long haul with children: Coping with jet lag we share tips and ideas to help you and your children get through the initial days in a new time zone. We hope the jet lag passes quickly.

If you’re arriving in Australia with a baby, we share a wealth of information about Australian baby products and services in Baby Stuff.

Flying to Sydney with kids? We have written a number of useful articles about children’s and family activities in Sydney. These should get your started;

Finally, if this is your big move to Australia and you’re on a one way ticket – welcome to Australia and our blog. We hope you’ll stick around and read more of our Australian relocation articles. Please feel free to share your experiences in the article comments.

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