Water safety in Australia is a topic Mum has frequently written about; we’ve talked about teaching children to swim and how to swim safely at Australia’s many beautiful beaches: The sea and swimming safety in Australia and More on sea safety – rips and nippers.

Last summer there were several fatalities at our local beach which served as a reminder that you should never take risks with the Ocean.

One of the precautions Mum took last year was to avoid swimming in the surf. We mostly swam at ocean pools, outdoor swimming pools and netted beaches. This year, as our eldest son is getting braver in the surf, it has been impossible to avoid the waves.

Now it’s warmed up in Sydney Mum has increasingly been forced out of her comfort zone (which would be next to the lifeguards on the sand, given the choice). On occasions I’ve been responsible for my son and a few of his friends body boarding at low tide. The pleasure they get out of the sea is amazing. We always swim between the flags but I still like to keep them within reasonable reach.

Thanks to the children’s love of the surf I’m getting more confident and enjoying the beach. I’m possibly over the top when it comes to making them learn and read the rules but we’ve seen enough freak waves and rips to know that you can’t take things for granted, even if you’re between the flags.

We’re sharing today’s photo as a gentle reminder that the summer is when most accidents happen in the sea. My boys groan at me now when I make them stop to read signs like this, but I’ll keep going until they know it all off pat!

Be safe

Have a great and safe Australian summer.

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