Now you can lie on your tum!

The Holo is a UK product now available in Australia. It’s the perfect tool to help pregnant women enjoy the Australian summer.

What’s a Holo?

The Holo is a lilo or inflatable with a hole.

If you are pregnant and your growing bump is stoping you from getting comfortable on your front, a Holo may be just what you need. It can be used at any stage of pregnancy from the moment it becomes impossible to lie on your tummy, right up until the birth. It takes the weight off your tummy and allows you to lie on your front and relax.

When using the Holo you should ensure that your hips sit on the raised rim to avoid your back arching through the hole. This raised rim has been added specifically with back support in mind.

The Holo can be used in a swimming pool or calm beach waters, or at home when taking naps or reading a book. If this isn’t your first pregnancy it provides a comfortable set-up on the floor for playing with your other children.

Visit to read more about this new product that helps pregnant women lie on their tummies.

Want to buy a Holo?

The Holo can be purchased from the UK at for £59 (including shipping) or from Australia at for $89.90 (excluding shipping). The best price will depend on the current exchange rate and the delivery option you choose.

If you have already got a Holo we’d love to know what you think of this new pregnancy product, if you’re off to purchase yours now please come back and tell us how you get on. Thank you.

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