In Photo Friday #42 we shared a picture of a new Havaianas vending machine, the first machine was installed in Sydney last year. Today we’d like to share another recent vending machine discovery regarding DVD hire…Oovie machines.

Oovie vending machines aren’t as new as the Havaianas machines and now we’ve started using the machines we’re seeing them everywhere.

Best value DVDs

Until recently we used our local DVD rental shop and paid around $5 per night for new releases. What caught our attention about our local Oovie machine is that the latest movies cost $2.99 per night; that’s quite a saving.

You need to be over 18 to use the machines and need a credit card. When you hire a movie from an Oovie you pay $2.99 to have the film until 9pm the next day, if you don’t return it on time they charge you another $2.99. Other handy features are that you don’t have to return to DVD to the vending machine that you hired it from, and you can reserve new releases online before going to pick up your film.

We think they’re onto a good thing and saving $2 per film means we can have an extra bag of popcorn!

Visit the Oovie website to read more about the service and to find a machine near you.

P.S. Australia isn’t the only country making increasing use of vending machines, this article from the Sydney Morning Herald describes interesting uses for vending machines throughout the world.

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