Super excited by super amazing gift!

I’m sure our readers have noticed the fairly recent trend of adding “super” to any adjective in order to give emphasis.

Yesterday, at chateau Mum’s gone 2 Aus, we were watching one of Australia’s best loved TV shows; Better Homes and Gardens. Nearly every description given by the presenters included the word super; the grass was “super easy” to lay, children would have “super fun” with their craft ideas, and summer desert recipes were “super quick” to make.

After about ten minutes of this “super” viewing, I was super bored with hearing super and very ready to switch off. Since then, I’ve been wondering where this trend comes from. I’ve noticed that the word super has completely removed “very” and “really” from many people’s vocabulary.

Because we’ve been living in Australia for the past three years, about the time that I’ve been noticing this “super” trend, I’m not sure whether the growing use of the word “super” is an Aussie thing or something that has been adopted the world over. Do you know? Is “super” used alot where you live or where you have recently moved from?

Without sounding like a complete modern vocabulary humbug…I don’t have a problem with the super occasional use of super, instead of very or really, but I’d prefer it didn’t totally replace very adequate alternative ways of adding emphasis. What do you think? Are you a “super” fan or not? Thank you.

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