Ready for the Christmas post!

We can’t believe it’s time for the Mum’s gone 2 Aus annual reminder of international Christmas postage costs and cut-off dates. It’s also hard to believe that it’s the third time we’ve been typing this type of article for the blog…we’re not so new down under, but we still need a gentle reminder to get the mail to the post office on time.

Sending international parcels – allow 10 days for airmail

As a general rule we allow 10 days for standard Air Mail to arrive in most international destinations. Of course, you can pay more to send items Express, and heavier / bulkier items may take a little longer.

We suggest posting parcels by Friday 7th December, to ensure they get to international recipients on time for Christmas.

By the way, we have literally missed the boat for Sea Mail – if you wanted to use this cheaper / slower means of posting mail overseas you needed to get organised in September!

“Card only” stamps

It’s worth remembering that seasonal greeting cards can be sent using stamps that are 5c cheaper than normal. Standard stamps are usually 60c (within Australia) or $1.65 (to most overseas destinations); at Christmas Australia Post releases “card only” stamps, sold for 55c  (sending within Australia) or $1.60 (sending overseas).

When using “card only” stamps, remember to write “card only” on the envelope and make sure your card is the standard size: no larger than 130mm x 240mm.

Here is this year’s media release from Australia Post with more information: Australia Post Christmas Stamps 2012.

Post offices may run out of the 55c \ $1.65 stamps so the sooner you get yours the better.

Letters to Santa – sent from Australia

Find Santa at North Pole 9999

If you’ve recently arrived in Aus and the kids are worried Santa won’t find them in your new home, you can send Santa a letter via the Aussie version of the North Pole.

We suggest posting letters by 7th December to ensure a response before Christmas.

Send letters to;


Place a 60c stamp on the envelope and include a return address on the back of the envelope.

Full details and fun letter templates can be found here: Sending letters to Santa.

Finally, if you’re looking for some Christmas gift and activity inspiration for your first Australian Christmas, here are some useful articles from the Mum’s gone 2 Aus archives;

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