When you relocate to a new country there are endless new experiences and customs to get used to. Living in Sydney, by the Ocean for the first time, Family Mum’s gone 2 Aus has had to take sea and beach safety very seriously.

This week we learnt about red algae for the first time.

Red algal bloom, or the red tide experienced along the Sydney and NSW coast this week, is a unique phenomena. According to Wikipedia, a range of entirely natural conditions can cause red algae, such as changes in water temperatures and current. Red bloom can also be a reaction to human activities that change nutrient levels in the water.

Red algae bloom is considered harmful, to wildlife and humans. In humans it can cause skin and eye irritation.

On Wednesday several of our local beaches were closed due to the red algae. Throughout the week additional beaches have been closing in Sydney and NSW. Here are some photos of the red algae at Clovelly Beach, Sydney on Wednesday (thanks to Mum’s friend Bree!).

Clovelly sees red...

No swimming during red tide

Red algae is an interesting phenomena to witness, and another example of the new experiences you have when relocating to Australia.

Have you seen red algae before? What other new sights and experiences have you had since moving to Australia?

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