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Adelaide is the state capital city of South Australia, and a city that regularly wins liveability surveys. With a much smaller population than other of Australia’s state capital cities (for example, a quarter of Sydney’s population) people we have spoken to say Adelaide is a great place to live because it’s “easy”. Getting around the city is quick and all activities and attractions are within close proximity of the city – in fact South Australia’s official tourism site calls Adelaide the “20 minute city”.

Here is our list of useful websites, online resources and Facebook pages to help families relocating to Adelaide, it’s a little brief compared to the articles we’ve published about Australia’s more populated cities…if you have relocated to Adelaide please share you favourite Adelaide sites and pages in the comments below. Thank you.

Moving to Adelaide: useful online resources

South Australia’s official tourism site promotes Adelaide well: Adelaide City pages include video clips as well as a comprehensive list of Things to do.

Another resource for families relocating to Adelaide, from overseas or inter-state, is Adelaide Bound. Adelaide Bound is a website run by a family that moved from the UK to South Australia in 2006, the site shares useful links and information. Here are some of the pages that will be of particular interest to Mum’s gone 2 Aus readers;

You can follow Adelaide Bound’s Facebook page too.

Australia’s ubiquitous family magazine has an Adelaide version: Adelaide’s Child is a free magazine that contains parenting articles as well as local advertising and an events listing; the magazine is available in libraries and other family-friendly services. Web Child has an Adelaide events calendar.

Further online articles relating to family life in Adelaide are below;

Family-friendly suburbs Adelaide

Local press Adelaide Now have a very useful page that will help families choose where to live in Adelaide – read the articles and comments, and watch video interviews on Adelaide’s most liveable suburbs;

Family life in Adelaide – Facebook pages

Little Lattes is a website and facebook page run by an Adelaide-based mum who shares child-friendly cafés and restaurants including;

The following general Adelaide facebook pages will help you get in the mood for your relocation or visit;

Expat and relocation forums, moving to Adelaide

Whether or not you’re relocating from the UK, or elsewhere in the world, to Adelaide; Poms in Adelaide is a lively and extremely useful online forum. Read information in the historical threads or join the conversation and ask all your Adelaide relocation questions!

Adelaide relocation consultants

Mum hoped to share details of a relocation consultant that specialises in family relocation to Adelaide but we couldn’t find a service that focuses on the city. Many Australia-wide relocation firms can support your move to Adelaide – if you have used or know of a more local service please share the details in the comments below.

Share your favourite moving to Adelaide websites, facebook pages and blogs

As always, if you have recently moved to Adelaide, or have lived in Adelaide for years, please share your favourite moving to Adelaide websites, facebook pages and blogs. Thank you.

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