Today we’re ringing the changes and sharing a little poem about our recent Aussie road trip. What have you been up to during the school holidays? Have you been on a road trip? We’d love to hear your stories (and poems)!

Ready for action!

Ready for action!

Our Aussie road trip

When we rose at dawn, to beat the traffic,
The kookaburras were laughing.
We loaded the car with sighs and huffs,
And set the dogs off barking.

Back within minutes for forgotten items,
The mood was already grim,
“Come on people, brighten up!
This isn’t how a holiday should begin!”

Tired, but hoping for some rest,
We whizzed up Pacific Highway,
Listening to Nova ’til just after Newcastle,
Then switching to eye spy games.

We couldn’t resist a little detour
Through a stunning National Park.
Stretching our legs, alone on a beach,
Navigating dusty roads for an hour was a lark.

Arriving at our destination,
We headed for the bar.
Then after a trip to the pool, and a nap,
We finally unpacked the car.

We unloaded our bikes, surf boards and eski,
Our suitcases, and each person’s hat,
Our holiday home began to look lived in,
Our thongs lined up on the mat.

The holiday became a very wet affair,
Not because the sun wasn’t shining.
We swam, we surfed, walked in the rain forest,
Put the kids in the tub when there was whining.

We ate snags from the barbie,
And had fish and chips for tea,
We drank beer and Champagne,
And searched daily for a good coffee.

Driving home after dark we watched for Koalas,
And tried to spot possums,
We passed the time discussing our trip,
And how we loved to see the kids blossom.

Home after 10 hours on the road,
We marvelled at how quickly the time went,
And promised ourselves that we’d make our next trip truly Aussie,
By taking a tinny and tent!

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