Good quality kids shoes at affordable prices

Since living Down Under, we’ve lost count of the number of families we have heard complaining about the cost of good quality children’s shoes.

Clarks are the ubiquitous brand of kids school shoes in the UK. If your children were born in the UK you probably visited your local Clarks store for their first pair of shoes; and growing up in the UK parents probably wore Clarks school shoes themselves (thankfully they’re a little more stylish these days).

Since relocating to Sydney, we’ve learnt that Clarks shoes are popular but they seem to be disproportionately expensive compared to UK prices. We regularly pay around $100 for our son’s standard black school shoes – that’s around £65 at current conversion rates, and at least £20 more than equivalent shoes bought in the UK.

Given the high cost of good quality kids shoes in Australia, Mum was very interested to learn about The Kids Shoe Company.

The Kids Shoe Company

The Kids Shoe Company is a UK-based family run business that offers Clarks (and other good quality) shoes at affordable prices – and they ship to Australia!

Postage to Australia for one pair of shoes is £7.95  (about $12).  The cost of a pair of boy’s Clarks school shoes from The Kids Shoe Company is around £25 (about $38). That makes the total cost of your Clarks shoes from The Kids Shoe Company around $50; half the price of buying them in Aus.

The Kids Shoe Company personally select all shoes sold on the site. Some of the shoes are from Clarks previous season and some are from the current ranges. Stocks and sizes of shoes are dependent upon availability from suppliers.

The Kids Shoe Company trades worldwide and offers summer and winter shoes all year round. The website is updated with new stock about once a month.

**Special offer on Clarks shoes for Mum’s gone 2 Aus readers**

Mum was contacted by The Kids Shoe Company and they would like to offer Mum’s gone 2 Aus readers a special discount on shoes purchased from the site. Contact The Kids Shoe Company via their Contact Page and quote the code MG2A during the months of February and March 2013, and The Kids Shoe Company will provide a 10% discount on the cost of your shoes.

Getting children’s feet measured in Australia

A top tip from Mum (and The Kids Shoe Company) is to get your children’s feet measured locally before purchasing online – if you’ve just touched down in Aus you may be wondering where to go to get your children’s feet measured. We’d recommend children’s shoe departments in Myer. If you have one local to you, Shoes & Sox is the store Mum uses.

Already used The Kids Shoe Company?

If you’ve already purchased shoes from The Kids Shoe Company and had them delivered to Australia, please let us know how you got on. If you’re about, please come back and share your experience. Thank you.

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