Have you had a mountain to climb?

Have you had a mountain to climb?

In January we celebrated our three year Aussie-migration anniversary. We’ve been living in Sydney for three years, have experienced many ups and downs (as you’ll know from reading this blog) and are still very happy with our decision to move down under.

Why so exhausted?

Recently, Mum was chatting to a friend who relocated to Sydney shortly before Family Mum’s gone 2 Aus. Whenever we get together we invariably mention how exhausted we are. This weekend was no different.

We’re both working mums with preschool children; I’m sure anyone would agree that this alone can be exhausting, but Mum recently wondered whether our decision to move to Aus, and endeavours to settle here, have added to the pressure and constant exhaustion.

Overseas visitors

It’s the beginning of March and for Mum and friend January and February passed in a blink. Christmas, New Year, the school holidays, overseas visitors and the start of the new academic year have meant the past months are a blur.

Two months into the year we are finally getting back to our “normal” family routine.

Because of your relocation to Australia you’re more likely to have long term house guests which can put pressure on the family routine. It’s certainly a fun and special time having visitors from around the world, but it’s also exhausting!

In December 2010, Lesley from Northern Beaches Know-How shared her ten tips for surviving long term house guests. It’s a natural hazard and joy of overseas relocation. How do you avoid reaching overseas visitor exhaustion?

Culture shock is exhausting

After three years we’re probably over the culture shock of moving to Australia; we know how things work and know what to expect from the Aussie way of life. But for a while everything felt like a struggle and occasionally things still catch us out and cause a dilemma.

We recently shared Mum’s “back to work in Sydney” dilemmas and five more things that surprise us about Australia.

How long have you been in Aus? Are you over the culture shock?

Summer = outdoor = busy

An exhaustion factor I discussed with my equally exhausted friend is that the Australian summer months are extremely active and busy. The weather is beautiful, life is spent outdoors, and it’s easy to socialise with the kids.

Christmas and New Year are exhausting anywhere in the world but in Aus they are followed by weeks of BBQs, swimming in the sea and playing on the sand.

And because we moved to Aus for the outdoor lifestyle, it’s as if we can’t sit still during summer. We have to maximise our enjoyment of all the summer activities, as if to prove again and again that relocating to Aus was the right thing to do.

Recently, Mum made a mental note to break this trend and slow down. It has helped that the past few weeks in Sydney have been cooler and wet, and have forced Family Mum’s gone 2 Aus to have a much needed rest.

Is this a trend you recognise in yourself or your family? How long have you been in Aus and have things started to slow down, or not?

Autumn = slow down and breathe

It’s a little late for New Year’s resolutions but now that Autumn is here Mum has promised that, as a family, we will slow down and breath. We’ve been here for three years and have no plans to leave. We are settled in all aspects of our lives. Hopefully, we can now breathe and turn our back on the exhaustion we’ve been feeling since emigrating.

If you’ve arrived in Aus more recently than Mum, or been here for longer, how’s your migration exhaustion? Have you got over the culture shock and been able to breathe a little? We’d love to hear your stories. Thank you.

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