Big Merino Huge Scarf

We recently enjoyed another Aussie road trip; this time to The Snowy Mountains (more on the trip coming soon), and Mum was a little miffed to learn that we missed one of Australia’s “big things”. The Big Trout is at Adaminaby, north-west of Cooma in The Snowy Mountains. We talked about taking a detour on our way to / from Jindabyne, but ran out of time.

Which of Australia’s big things have you seen?

Over the years, visiting and now living in Aus, Mum has kept a mental tally of the big things we’ve driven past, or stopped at.

Before having kids, we did some back-packing and noted The Big Rum Bottle at Bundaberg and The Big Marlin in Cairns.

More recently, we have visited The Big Banana at Coffs Harbour, and seen The Big Wine Bottle at Hunter Valley Gardens and The Big Merino at Goulburn.

Our running total is five – not a bad start, but there are PLENTY more to see!

How many roadside big things are there in Australia?

According to Wikipedia, there are over 150 big things around Australia, most highlight roadside services between popular destinations, and many are tourist attractions in their own right. The fact that many have their own websites says it all!

We spent half a day at The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour there was so much to do, including toboggan rides and a water park.

Every time we embark on a new road trip in Australia, we venture a little further from Sydney, and are always inspired to travel for longer and see more on our next trip – that includes seeing more of Australia’s BIG THINGS!

How many of Australia’s big things have you visited? Have you been keeping count? What’s the best road trip you’ve enjoyed down under? As ever, we’d love to hear your stories. Photo sharing welcome too – contact Mum if you’d like to share some photos of the big things you’ve visited. Thank you.

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