Australians all let us rejoice!

When Mr Mum’s gone 2 Aus recently announced that it won’t be long before we can apply for our Australian citizenship, do you know what I responded? “Far out!”

It only seems like yesterday that we were arriving to our temporary accommodation in Sydney, and stressing about preschools and where to live long term; and phrases like “Far out!” sounded very odd.

It was during the recent school holidays that I first realised I’d ramped up a level, yet again, in terms of my Aussie lingo. During the holidays, as the kids’ challenging behaviour escalated and stress levels rose, I found myself saying “Far out!” (followed by a big sigh or moan) way too often.

Accepting Aussie English

Over two years ago I started a great friendship with a fellow Brit and very supportive mum; she commented that I’d quickly embraced Australian sayings and vocabulary. It is true that despite initial reluctance (read Aussie English – Embrace or resist?) I soon added terms like servo and bottle-o to my vocabulary. I then wrote about my favourite Aussie phrases and admitted that many have slipped into our everyday speech.

And so, it seems, as if a prerequisite to our upcoming citizenship, the final string to my bow, or icing on my Australian vocabulary cake, is “Far out!” – I’m saying it all the time, and it feels very comfortable; and it is a great alternative to the other “F” word I could be using….

How to apply for Australian citizenship

If you’re in the same position as Family Mum’s gone 2 Aus and getting ready to apply for your Australian citizenship, a great place to start your online research is the Australian Citizenship Wizard from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

You can use the wizard and website to check your eligibility, find the right forms and read all about the Australian citizenship application process. You will also find full details of the Australian Citizenship Test, that you’ll need to pass before becoming a citizen.

We’ll be getting our paperwork ready over the next few months and look forward to starting the New Year as Aussie citizens.

If you’ve recently applied for or obtained your Australian citizenship, we’d love to hear how the process went for you.  Please share your tips and comments below.

If you’ve recently arrived in Australia, how are you getting on with the local vocabulary? Have you embraced Australian English as much as Mum? Thank you.

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