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MUST read before moving to Aus

Drum roll please…it’s here!

If you are relocating to Australia with children, Mum’s new essential ebook is your MUST read before making the move.

If you’ve just arrived in Aus and are overwhelmed by the decisions and challenges ahead, read our ebook now and say goodbye to stress.

Mum’s Essential Ebook for parents is available today for only $AU12.

Our Essential Ebook includes revisions to our previously published ebooks “A Smooth Switch to Australian Schooling” and “Choosing Schools and Suburbs in Australia” – originally published in 2011 the content has been updated for 2013, and the combined ebook includes new sections, links and checklists.

Mum’s gone 2 Aus Essential Ebook gives you 107 pages of critical information and advice on the Australian education system, choosing schools and suburbs in Australia, managing your Australian family budget, Australian tax matters, finding work, and health and safety Aussie-style.

AUD 12.00 / Download

View the contents page here and use the BUY NOW button above to download your copy.

You may also be interested in our ebook aimed at children relocating to Australia: The ABC of Australian Schooling – a fun way to get your children excited about your big move.

With our two ebooks your family move to Australia will be much easier than you imagined.

If you’d like to share feedback on our ebook, have questions or suggestions regarding the content please use the comments below or contact Mum direct. Thank you.