Rainy day in Manly

Rainy day in Manly

It’s been quite cloudy this week and today when we stepped out of the house we noticed it had rained overnight (woah, stop the presses).

Tweenie Pom immediately said the air smelt different: “It smells like home, like Wimbledon,” he said happily. Little Pom agreed wholeheartedly. I sucked in a lungful of damp air and I too was reminded of home.

Now, for those who have read earlier blogs and may be wondering whether we have found a long-term rental, indeed we have, in Queenscliff, which is at the north end of Manly beach (more to come on the move later).

So, to get to school we have to travel the length of the beach, the boys on skateboards, with me jogging along behind. It really has to be one of the most incredible school runs in the world.

The boys who are proficient in ripstiking (like a skateboard but you wiggle to propel forwards, rather than using one foot to move) have now taken to skateboarding, like the rest of the Manly population. It really is a form of transport here. Tweenie Pom took to it without fuss, but Little Pom has had a few shaky moments, including somersaults, cuts, bruises and after one nasty fall, a possible broken wrist (which really spurred me on to sorting out their Medicare cover). I am pleased to announce he is getting the hang of it and he can now skateboard with his schoolbag on his back. At one point I was running with his bag on my back and pulling him along behind me. Things have definitely improved.

As we reached the school it began to drizzle, in that very British way, and Little Pom wondered whether they would have ‘wet play’ today. As I headed off home, the rain got heavier, so I started to jog again and funnily enough I had the seafront all to myself, apart from the odd surfer running with board to or from the beach (surfers never walk, ever). With the rain battering down, grey skies all around and that old, but familiar sound of car tyres on wet roads, I thought of my old running pals from Wimbledon. We ran in rain, sleet and snow and on occasion in the sunshine and I wished they were here.

When I reached the front door, I was feeling good, there’s nothing like facing nature head on. Completely soaked I saw myself in the mirror with hair plastered across my face and mascara running down my cheeks (not a good look, but I wasn’t expecting rain) and I smiled.

Then, I turned to put the kettle on for a well-deserved cuppa and noticed the washing on the line. B******s! Now, that’s not good. That’s too much like home.

Many thanks to Julie Cross, author of the blog Mrs Pom in Oz, for contributing this great story. Raining days always remind Mum of of the UK! Learn more about Julie and her blog below. If you would like to contribute your reader story please read more here: Requesting your Australian relocation stories.

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Julie Cross is the author of the blog Mrs Pom in Oz and the above post was originally published here.

Julie is a freelance journalist, mother-of-two and avid tea drinker who has decided to write a blog about her family’s move Down Under. Mrs Pom in Oz is Julie’s first blog, but she has had many articles published in British newspapers including the Daily Mail, The Times, Daily Express, The Telegraph, Mail on Sunday and The Mirror, as well as online media such as MailOnline, Totally Living and Wimbledon People.

Julie has also had plenty of experience on local newspapers, and was Health Editor for two daily regionals in the UK. When Julie lived in Ireland, she had a weekly column on an Irish Sunday newspaper, where she wrote about celebrity health. The last time Julie was in Australia she worked for Australian Associated Press, a national news agency, and she wrote several articles for Marie Claire magazine.

As well as news and health, Julie also write features on travel, food, celebrity and lifestyle. If you would like to commission Julie to write a story or feature, blog for your business, or manage your social media, then please contact her via email at: juliecross2000@hotmail.com. Julie’s Twitter account is @MrsPomInOz.

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