Drawn a blank?

Drawn a blank?

It was a beautiful Spring day in Sydney, I was planning a family birthday party that obviously I knew was in November. I was sat in the car waiting for school pick-up and suddenly an overwhelming feeling of panic spread over me as I felt very strongly like I had forgotten something.

The feeling was so strong I figured I must have forgotten something pretty important. Not the latest form for school, the gas bill or car registration renewal. This must be big…

I wracked my brain to think of all the big events I had to remember throughout the year – family and friends’ birthdays, new babies, significant anniversaries, health checks…

I worked out that I had in fact remembered all of the critical events so far this year. I was also reminded that I get this feeling quite frequently now that we live down under and I blame the hemisphere.

My seasonal cues are all wrong

Since moving to Australia, we’ve had to get used to Winter being in the middle of the year, Christmas falling during Summer months, and Guy Fawkes Day just not factoring on the annual special events calendar.

The reason I frequently feel that I’ve forgotten something, now that we live in Aus, is that my seasonal cues are all wrong.

In the UK, warmer weather meant the count-down to a best friend’s birthday, and a significant family anniversary. Darker nights meant it was nearly Christmas; and leaves falling from the trees was a sign that my own birthday was around the corner.

In Australia, it’s all back to front. Darker nights simply mean we’re heading into the mid-year slump – Christmas isn’t even on the horizon. The signal that my birthday is looming is warmer weather and blossoming trees.

I can be forgiven for getting confused.

When will the feeling subside?

We’re enjoying the rhythm of Aussie life – ten week terms, two week school holidays, Christmas at the beach, and Halloween by sunlight. We’ve also got a number of tools in place (apps and a hard-copy calendar) to make sure we don’t forget significant birthdays and other events. But we’ve been in Aus for nearly four years and the fairly regular feeling that I’m forgetting something hasn’t gone away. Will it ever? What’s your experience?

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