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Rainy day in Manly

Rainy day in Manly

It’s been quite cloudy this week and today when we stepped out of the house we noticed it had rained overnight (woah, stop the presses).

Tweenie Pom immediately said the air smelt different: “It smells like home, like Wimbledon,” he said happily. Little Pom agreed wholeheartedly. I sucked in a lungful of damp air and I too was reminded of home.

Now, for those who have read earlier blogs and may be wondering whether we have … Read more

Maybe next year...

Maybe next year…

At chateau Mum’s gone 2 Aus we have a little green-eyed monster, frequently muttering “wish we were going to the snow…”, and it isn’t one of the kids!

Since living in Sydney we’ve picked up on the rhythm of local school holidays and the tendency to visit “the snow” during the July break.

Financial and other travel commitments mean we haven’t made a trip to the Australian snow fields, at least not during the winter season. “Maybe … Read more

The peace and quiet of having five kids?

Since moving to Sydney we’ve gained the perception that Australian families have more children than their counterparts in the UK, or elsewhere in Europe.

When we lived in London the number of families we knew with more than two children was in single figures. This might be because we had just started a family ourselves and our mingling with other families wasn’t comprehensive or, as Mum suspects, it’s because couples in London … Read more

Family life in Sydney on the www

When relocating to a new country and city the Internet is an indispensible source of information and provides essential knowledge about your new home. Getting to know as much as possible about the city you will be living in helps you get settled more quickly.

Under the NSW\Sydney section of Mum’s gone 2 Aus we have a number of articles that are specific to family relocation to Sydney. In addition to our articles … Read more

Spoilt for choice

As the months and years pass, Mum and family are ticking off things to do and see in and around Sydney. Recently we spent a perfect family weekend in the Hunter Valley to celebrate a friend’s special birthday (21 again, obviously).

The Hunter Valley is 2 – 3 hours drive north of Sydney and is well known as a wine growing region.

Family friendly hotel Hunter Valley

We spent our weekend in the Hunter Valley with another … Read more

Bridge approach

Before and since living in Sydney, we’ve often heard that getting around the city by car is difficult. Sydneysiders love to grumble about the traffic.

When we were considering where to live in Sydney, friends commented that if you live on the North Shore you have to be prepared for high taxi fares after a night out in the city – after all, taxis that travel from the city to Northern Beaches suburbs have to get across the … Read more

Old terrace houses

Is Surry Hills on your shortlist of Sydney suburbs to explore during a visit or relocation to Australia? Are you moving to Sydney and hoping to call Surry Hills home?

We’ve lived in Sydney for over two years and although we have heard a lot about Surry Hills – it has good bars and restaurants and is known as a fashionable suburb; we had never walked the streets and taken a look for ourselves, until recently.

Last … Read more