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Today we’re continuing our series on Australian relocation: State capital city links and websites; so far we’ve covered useful online resources for families moving to Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart. Next in the series, we’re providing useful links and websites for families moving to Brisbane – Queensland’s state capital.

Mum visited Brisbane before having children and enjoyed the laid back vibe and river-side setting. The man made beach and pool along Brisbane’s South Bank has always … Read more


It’s week two of the new school year and already we’re dreaming of the next school holidays. In The great Australian school holiday hijack, we explained why our long summer holidays went by too quickly. We are feeling far less refreshed at this time of year than we hoped.

In need of some Vitamin Me?

Tourism Queensland recently launched a campaign explaining how a trip to the Sunshine Coast will boost your Vitamin Me….Vitamin Me?

If … Read more

Torres Strait Islander flag

Last Thursday a new drama started on ABC1 in Australia called The Straits. The weeks preceding the first episode saw plenty of media hype and on screen promotion to ensure maximum viewers. In need of a new drama to follow we tuned in for the feature length season premiere. If you missed it, episode 1 and 2 of The Straits are available to watch online here.

Since enjoying the first few episodes we’ve visited … Read more

Where to?

We frequently comment that choosing where to live is one of the hardest tasks for families moving to Australia.

In our Where to live section we have written about; Sydney vs Melbourne – fast factsAustralian suburb profiles – where to go to get the low downWhich is Australia’s most liveable city?, and The best Sydney suburbs for families.

The best and worst of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

We recently discovered Sydneyism, … Read more

If you’re planning your relocation to Australia, or have just arrived, you might be pulling your hair out with the decision making involved in family relocation. Mum found the first six months of our time down under particularly stressful and overwhelming.

When we moved to Sydney we didn’t have the budget to use a relocation consultant or service. In fact, at the time, it didn’t occur to us that such a comprehensive service exists.

If you have the budget, … Read more


Back in September, Mum talked about the Top ten online tools for expats and listed web tools for staying in touch and other useful stuff like Moonpig (customised online greeting cards), and LinkedIn (professional social networking site).

Since then Mum has realised that one of the most common reasons for people who are relocating to Australia, to turn to the web, is when they’re trying to decide where to live. Most “Australia” forums on the Internet hold posts from … Read more

Surfers Paradise

Whenever Mum reads about the recent natural disasters in Queensland, I wonder what impact it will have on future migration to the state. I also wonder whether any families, recently migrated to Australia, were affected by the floods or Cyclone Yasi.

Knowing what a big step it is to relocate to Australia, and how much work goes into moving and setting up a home, Mum can’t imagine what it would feel like to suddenly lose everything you’ve set-up … Read more