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Adelaide is the state capital city of South Australia, and a city that regularly wins liveability surveys. With a much smaller population than other of Australia’s state capital cities (for example, a quarter of Sydney’s population) people we have spoken to say Adelaide is a great place to live because it’s “easy”. Getting around the city is quick and all activities and attractions are within close proximity of the city – in fact South Australia’s official tourism site … Read more

Perth skyline

In a recent liveability survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the foremost research and analysis resource in the world, the performance of Australian cities was outstanding. If you’re reading this from elsewhere in the world, wondering whether you should make the move to Australia, the survey results might encourage you to take the final leap.

When we decided to move to Australia we were searching for a better lifestyle; outdoor living was a priority, good healthcare and … Read more


Back in September, Mum talked about the Top ten online tools for expats and listed web tools for staying in touch and other useful stuff like Moonpig (customised online greeting cards), and LinkedIn (professional social networking site).

Since then Mum has realised that one of the most common reasons for people who are relocating to Australia, to turn to the web, is when they’re trying to decide where to live. Most “Australia” forums on the Internet hold posts from … Read more

Where to go?

Today, Australian media is reporting on the results of a landmark survey by the Property Council of Australia. The survey looks at the capital cities of each of the Australian states \ territories. Residents were asked to score their cities on a number of factors. The most critical factors were;

– It is a safe place for people and their property
– There are good health care services
– There is a good public transport service… Read more