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AFB with ACN

Shereen is now in the relocation business

When I first landed in Melbourne as a migrant from Malaysia in 1986, I thought I had arrived in paradise. All my dreams had come true. I spoke English very well but with a Malaysian accent. I thought Australians spoke English too, but I couldn’t understand what they said! I enrolled to study for a Bachelor of Business degree with Deakin University as a mature age student. I taped my lectures because I … Read more

Moving to Melbourne - online research

Last week we published Family relocation to Sydney: Useful links and websites, today we’re continuing our useful links and resources series with our post on the best links and information for families relocating to Melbourne – Victoria’s state capital city.

When we planned our relocation to Australia we considered Melbourne as a possible new home. After a short trip to Aus and a brief stay in each city we opted for Sydney but … Read more

Causing fireworks

It’s Photo Friday and we’re sharing some video clips for a change…

How Aussie was your Australia Day?

We hope you had a good Australia Day. Without much preplanning, Family Mum’s gone 2 Aus did a number of very Aussie things. We had a quiet coffee on the beach in the morning, had friends over for a BBQ and beers in the afternoon, and when the rain finally stopped in Sydney, we headed to the beach for a … Read more

Where to?

We frequently comment that choosing where to live is one of the hardest tasks for families moving to Australia.

In our Where to live section we have written about; Sydney vs Melbourne – fast factsAustralian suburb profiles – where to go to get the low downWhich is Australia’s most liveable city?, and The best Sydney suburbs for families.

The best and worst of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

We recently discovered Sydneyism, … Read more

Advice and information

If you are relocating to Australia with school age children and looking for a secondary school in New South Wales or Victoria we recommend getting a copy of Choosing a School magazine.

The magazine profiles High Schools and includes useful articles and advice regarding secondary school education in Australia. The magazine is particularly rich in information regarding Catholic, Independent Private, and Government Selective High Schools.

The magazine is widely available in Australian newsagents (for around $10) and … Read more

Last week we published part one of Mum’s top ten public BBQ spots in Australia. We have also written about Public BBQs in Australia – a way of life and provided our tips on how to use public BBQs like a local. Were you inspired? Have you found a favourite BBQ spot in Australia?

White Sands Park, Jervis Bay

Here is part two of our list – the remaining five public BBQ spots that we’d recommend:

1. White Sands

Read more

Earlier in the week Mum wrote about Public BBQs in Australia – a way of life and we provided our tips on how to use public BBQs like a local.

In today’s Photo Friday we are listing Part One of Mum’s top ten public BBQ spots in Australia. We’ll publish Part Two next week.

If you have a favourite Public BBQ spot in Australia please let us know, Contact Mum to send photographs or leave a comment below. Thank you.Read more