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Australians all let us rejoice!

When Mr Mum’s gone 2 Aus recently announced that it won’t be long before we can apply for our Australian citizenship, do you know what I responded? “Far out!”

It only seems like yesterday that we were arriving to our temporary accommodation in Sydney, and stressing about preschools and where to live long term; and phrases like “Far out!” sounded very odd.

It was during the recent school holidays that I first realised I’d ramped … Read more

Today we’re ringing the changes and sharing a little poem about our recent Aussie road trip. What have you been up to during the school holidays? Have you been on a road trip? We’d love to hear your stories (and poems)!

Ready for action!

Ready for action!

Our Aussie road trip

When we rose at dawn, to beat the traffic,
The kookaburras were laughing.
We loaded the car with sighs and huffs,
And set the dogs off barking.

Back within minutes for forgotten … Read more

Baring it or not?

Since returning to an office job, in Sydney, Mum has been faced with some unexpected dilemmas that readers might be able to help with.

Having worked in an corporate environment for years in London, when I initially returned to work in Sydney it felt like home from home. The working environment and culture seemed to be very similar. However, now that I’ve been working for six months I have been faced with several dilemmas that specifically … Read more

Super excited by super amazing gift!

I’m sure our readers have noticed the fairly recent trend of adding “super” to any adjective in order to give emphasis.

Yesterday, at chateau Mum’s gone 2 Aus, we were watching one of Australia’s best loved TV shows; Better Homes and Gardens. Nearly every description given by the presenters included the word super; the grass was “super easy” to lay, children would have “super fun” with their craft ideas, and summer desert … Read more


Recently we’ve been thinking and talking about the little things that are different about life in Australia. Some of the items mentioned below have been highlighted by readers over on the Mum’s gone 2 Aus Facebook page.

The little things that are different in Aus

Many of the little things we mention are superficial, but they highlight some fun and interesting quirks about life in Australia. Whether you’ve just arrived in Australia or been living here for years Read more

The first time I heard the term bindis in Australia we were at the birthday party of one of my son’s preschool friends. The party was the ubiquitous Aussie sausage sizzle at a public BBQ next to a children’s playground. It was towards the end of last year so Spring/Summer in Australia.

As the party got going and kids took shoes off to run around the playground and adjacent grassed area one of the parents shouted, “Watch out for bindis!”… Read more

Havaianas Black Top Flip Flops


We’re enjoying some warm weather in Sydney during the final days of winter and the thongs are most definitely on! In Aussie English Embrace or Resist I suggested that I may never be able to call flip flops (slops \ jandals) thongs but I eat my words, I can and I do. I accept that it’s easier to use the word that people you’re talking to will understand, so thongs it is.

It’s actually not the first time I’ve … Read more