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Need more sleep?

Australian media recently announced a new mobile phone \ Facebook app that provides real-time advice to parents experiencing sleep-related issues with their children.

The report Mum read in the Daily Telegraph confirms that, “In Australia, about 25 per cent of up to three-year-olds have sleep problems and, with older children aged three to six, 18 per cent of mums consider their child’s sleep a problem.”

The new Live Advice Facebook service is offered by Tresillian and sponsored … Read more

All-in-one kit of washable baby wipes

Some of our most popular articles at Mum’s gone 2 Aus relate to baby products. We’ve written about disposable nappy brands in Aus – the brands and how much you should pay, as well as the cloth nappy systems available in Australia.

When we wrote about cloth nappies last year we explained that we didn’t use reusable nappies for our children. However, the more we learnt about the cloth nappy systems available … Read more

Now you can lie on your tum!

The Holo is a UK product now available in Australia. It’s the perfect tool to help pregnant women enjoy the Australian summer.

What’s a Holo?

The Holo is a lilo or inflatable with a hole.

If you are pregnant and your growing bump is stoping you from getting comfortable on your front, a Holo may be just what you need. It can be used at any stage of pregnancy from the moment it … Read more

What happens next?!

As if you weren’t busy enough caring for a new baby, now you’re relocating to Australia! What were you thinking?! These articles will help with your transition if you are moving to Australia with a baby – good luck!

1. Breastfeeding in Australia – official line, attitudes, and products

2. Renting stuff in Australia part two – baby equipment

3. Buying disposable nappies in Australia – which brands, what should you pay?

4. New Australian 24 hour Read more

75,000+ Baby Names for the 21st Century

So much choice!

Choosing our children’s names was an enjoyable process for Mum. I liked the excitement and anticipation. I also had a lot of fun suggesting slightly wacky names to Mr Mum’s gone 2 Aus, who fell for it each time.

Believe it or not, when we discussed our children’s names we did so with Australia in mind. Although our boys were born in the UK we knew we’d be raising them in Australia. One of the tests … Read more

Aptamil in Aus

A glance to the right sidebar of this site will tell you that the most popular article on this blog is Baby formula in Australia – brands sold, where to buy, and cost. If you’re visiting or relocating to Australia with a baby or toddler who drinks formula milk, the first thing you’ll want to know is whether you can get hold of their brand of choice down under.

In the UK, where Mum had our … Read more


Jet lag is something inevitable about the flight to Australia. It’s an exhausting consequence of changing to a different time zone. It is also said to be associated with the lower levels of oxygen we experience during air travel.

Mum was recently contacted by a Mum’s gone 2 Aus reader travelling from the UK to Australia with a three month old baby. Establishing a regular eating and sleeping routine for a baby is no easy thing, so the thought … Read more