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MUST read before moving to Aus

Drum roll please…it’s here!

If you are relocating to Australia with children, Mum’s new essential ebook is your MUST read before making the move.

If you’ve just arrived in Aus and are overwhelmed by the decisions and challenges ahead, read our ebook now and say goodbye to stress.

Mum’s Essential Ebook for parents is available today for only $AU12.

Our Essential Ebook includes revisions to our previously published ebooks “A Smooth Switch to Australian … Read more

Hit the books on Aus education

Hit the books on Aus education

In August 2011, the year our eldest son started Primary School in Australia, we published our first ebook to assist families relocating to Aus. Our education ebook, entitled A Smooth Switch to Australian Schooling, covers everything parents need to know about the Australian education and schooling system.

A Smooth Switch to Australian Schooling is over a year old and this year (approx. March 2013) we will launch a revised and updated edition.

We … Read more

Terms and holidays

Nearly two years ago we published a series of articles on the Australian education system. Since then we’ve published a number of ebooks that help relocating families with the transition to Australian school life.

When Mum started this blog our children weren’t yet at school; now I’m officially a school mum and two years later I feel much more at ease with the rhythm of school life in Australia, and in particular Sydney.

Ten week terms

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Download today

We are very excited to announce the launch of our latest ebook to help and support family relocation to Australia. The ABC of Australian Schooling, co-authored with Lesley Snell from Northern Beaches Know-How, is available now.

Ebook aimed at children going to school in Australia

The ABC of Australian Schooling is essential reading for parents, teachers and students moving to Australia. The simple format make it perfect for all children relocating to Australia, from Primary to High … Read more

Help in the classroom

Any mum who has moved to Australia with school age children will tell you that getting involved with your children’s school is a great way to get to know other families in the community and feel more settled in your new home. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved; from providing help in the classroom, to school excursions, working bees and volunteering to work in the uniform shop.

All schools in Australia have a P&C Read more


It’s back to school in Australia tomorrow and Mum wonders if anyone else is left asking who, or what, hijacked the great Australian school holiday?

The return to school marks the end of the long summer holidays down under. Children broke up from school in NSW on 17th December; they’ve been off for six weeks.

Who or what hijacked our school holidays?

During the last weeks of term we dreamt of days spent at the beach, playing in the … Read more