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Regular readers will have noticed that these days Mum doesn’t have much time for writing. With my Aussie job, and Aussie family life and home renovations in full swing I don’t get to do much for myself (or for others that aren’t in my direct family or line of sight).

However, I have managed to acquire a new addiction; and it’s something that helps me stay in touch with the UK (where I’m originally from) and increase my … Read more

Best of British TV's gone to Aus

Over the past few years the way Family Mum’s gone 2 Aus watches TV has evolved. When we lived in London we had a media centre and found we rarely tuned into scheduled programs on the BBC or other UK channels. Having a media centre meant we quickly became exclusive on-demand / catch-up TV viewers. In fact, we would miss programs on purpose that were aired during the week so that we had … Read more

This week’s Photo Friday was taken at the outdoor toddler playground in Moore Park’s Entertainment Quarter, Sydney. Whenever I see this sign it makes me smirk because it’s not the most obvious sign you’d expect to see at a playground.

No need to ask me twice!

Moore Park Entertainment Quarter Sydney

If you haven’t been before the Entertainment Quarter or “EQ” as it’s commonly known, at Moore Park is a great place to visit with kids. There are … Read more


Whenever I hear a power tool, especially drills and saws, I’m always reminded of a very important lesson I learnt from The Block. There are rules and regulations in Australia about neighbourhood noise that restrict the use of power tools within certain times of the day, on certain days of the week.

Maybe these rules exist elsewhere in the world but we hadn’t heard of them before moving to Sydney.

What’s The Block?

In case you don’t know, … Read more

We are Sydneysiders

Mr Mum’s gone 2 Aus tells me I’m a little behind the times but this week I heard Fitzy & Wippa’s Sydneysiders song for the first time, and it had me in stitches! We have watched the video several times since first hearing the song and it provides a clever and fun take on Sydney life.

Fitzy & Wippa are well known Australian radio and TV personalities, currently hosting the weekday morning show (6-9am) at Nova FMRead more

Torres Strait Islander flag

Last Thursday a new drama started on ABC1 in Australia called The Straits. The weeks preceding the first episode saw plenty of media hype and on screen promotion to ensure maximum viewers. In need of a new drama to follow we tuned in for the feature length season premiere. If you missed it, episode 1 and 2 of The Straits are available to watch online here.

Since enjoying the first few episodes we’ve visited … Read more

In Photo Friday #42 we shared a picture of a new Havaianas vending machine, the first machine was installed in Sydney last year. Today we’d like to share another recent vending machine discovery regarding DVD hire…Oovie machines.

Oovie vending machines aren’t as new as the Havaianas machines and now we’ve started using the machines we’re seeing them everywhere.

Best value DVDs

Until recently we used our local DVD rental shop and paid around $5 per night for … Read more