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All covered

During our initial months in Australia, Mum felt an overwhelming pressure to get private health insurance. As this isn’t an insurance we needed when living in the UK, the task of getting the right insurance for the family was daunting and, at the time, this was just one of many tasks and new services we needed to subscribe to. We’re sure any family moving abroad will relate to this.

The reason private health insurance is important in Australia … Read more

If you had asked us three years ago about “Nippers Rego” you would have got some blank looks. In today’s Photo Friday we’re sharing a picture of one of our local beaches during Nippers season. Nippers takes place at beaches across Australia on Sunday mornings throughout Spring \ Summer; rego (or registration) for your children will probably take place over the next few weeks, at your local Surf Life Saving club.

During Nippers children take part in beach activities, including … Read more

Put to good use during La Niña

Since relocating to Sydney, from the UK, the weather and climate haven’t been exactly as we anticipated. Mum didn’t come here thinking it would be blue skies and 30 degree heat all day, every day; but there are some features of the climate in Australia that I wasn’t prepared for.

The biggest surprise I’ve had relating to the weather in Sydney is the rain. We arrived in January 2010 and January and February … Read more

Last month, during the wet spells we’ve been having in Eastern Australia, Mum read an article about the increasing number of Death Cap Mushrooms in and around Canberra. Wherever you live in the world, you no doubt teach your children to be wary of mushrooms and toadstools, however likely it is to find a fairy underneath.

Death Cap Mushroom


Death Cap Mushrooms Australia

Death Cap Mushrooms live up to their name. The Australian Government Department of Environment and Read more

Yummy, convenient, but...

The image many of us have of Australians is of a sporty, sun-kissed, healthy nation. This image could, and perhaps should, be entirely accurate of the way people are in Australia given the favourable climate, outdoor lifestyle and ingrained love of sport. This image is true for many people. However, like other industrialised countries, Australia is in the middle of an obesity epidemic. The Australian National Preventative Health Taskforce confirms that “Australia is one of the most … Read more

The first time I heard the term bindis in Australia we were at the birthday party of one of my son’s preschool friends. The party was the ubiquitous Aussie sausage sizzle at a public BBQ next to a children’s playground. It was towards the end of last year so Spring/Summer in Australia.

As the party got going and kids took shoes off to run around the playground and adjacent grassed area one of the parents shouted, “Watch out for bindis!”… Read more

Making Negative Ions

Mums usually feel pretty exhausted. Interrupted sleep and rare opportunities to sit still mean you cope on less rest than is ideally recommended (or wanted).

When a friend of Mum’s declared, “Since moving here I’m more exhausted than ever, I just want to sleep!” Mum wondered whether the Aussie way of life is more tiring than elsewhere. One of the common factors Mum shares with her newly settled friend is that we’re both permanently living by the … Read more