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Big Merino Huge Scarf

We recently enjoyed another Aussie road trip; this time to The Snowy Mountains (more on the trip coming soon), and Mum was a little miffed to learn that we missed one of Australia’s “big things”. The Big Trout is at Adaminaby, north-west of Cooma in The Snowy Mountains. We talked about taking a detour on our way to / from Jindabyne, but ran out of time.

Which of Australia’s big things have you seen?

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Good quality kids shoes at affordable prices

Since living Down Under, we’ve lost count of the number of families we have heard complaining about the cost of good quality children’s shoes.

Clarks are the ubiquitous brand of kids school shoes in the UK. If your children were born in the UK you probably visited your local Clarks store for their first pair of shoes; and growing up in the UK parents probably wore Clarks school shoes themselves (thankfully they’re a little more stylish these days).

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Today we’re ringing the changes and sharing a little poem about our recent Aussie road trip. What have you been up to during the school holidays? Have you been on a road trip? We’d love to hear your stories (and poems)!

Ready for action!

Ready for action!

Our Aussie road trip

When we rose at dawn, to beat the traffic,
The kookaburras were laughing.
We loaded the car with sighs and huffs,
And set the dogs off barking.

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Hit the books on Aus education

Hit the books on Aus education

In August 2011, the year our eldest son started Primary School in Australia, we published our first ebook to assist families relocating to Aus. Our education ebook, entitled A Smooth Switch to Australian Schooling, covers everything parents need to know about the Australian education and schooling system.

A Smooth Switch to Australian Schooling is over a year old and this year (approx. March 2013) we will launch a revised and updated edition.

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Wrapped and ready for Christmas

Today Mum is sharing some posts from Christmas past…It’s hard to believe we’re about to spend our third Christmas as Australian residents. In a wrap-up of the Christmas-themed articles we have published over the past few years we share Christmas gift ideas, tips and information on how to enjoy your first Christmas in Australia, and some of the quirks of the festive season down under.

Christmas is nearly here

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Baring it or not?

Since returning to an office job, in Sydney, Mum has been faced with some unexpected dilemmas that readers might be able to help with.

Having worked in an corporate environment for years in London, when I initially returned to work in Sydney it felt like home from home. The working environment and culture seemed to be very similar. However, now that I’ve been working for six months I have been faced with several dilemmas that specifically … Read more

In today’s Photo Friday Mum is sharing some photos of the Slurpee ad campaign currently running throughout Sydney, and we assume Australia. I would be interested to know whether I’m the only person relocating to Aus who has been surprised by the popularity of Slurpees…

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When I saw these drinks in Sydney, I was reminded of Slush Puppy drinks that were popular in the UK when I was growing up. I thought it was nicely retro … Read more