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Last year Mum published The trouble with selling property in the UK at the end of a stressful few months negotiating and completing the sale of our London home. Nearly nine months later I finally feel ready to talk about property again!

Thankfully, the story of our Australian property purchase is much lighter – we entered the Australian property market the easy way.

The dreaded auction

Most readers will know that it’s common to buy and sell property in … Read more

Mum did this several times but did not look as glamorous!

When I started blogging I read books providing tips for new bloggers. One of the tips I read said that bloggers should avoid “ranting”. The author said that it’s fine to discuss challenges you are facing but if a blog turns into a constant rant about poor service, or the difficult times an individual is having, readers will switch off.

Avoiding the odd rant has been something I have … Read more

Hmmm...can I have both?

When relocating to Australia many families are fulfilling a lifelong dream of living by the beach and having a swimming pool in their back garden. In years gone by, popular relocation programs aired on British television consistently showed families relocating from the UK to Aus, moving into large properties with private swimming pools, in close proximity to the Ocean.

Today, the reality of the global economy and in particular property prices in Australia, whether you’re renting … Read more

One day...

Mum is prone to a fair amount of self analysis. Recently I’ve been thinking about why and how it is that I am very settled in Sydney in many ways yet part of me feels my life here is temporary.

I have said before that I can’t imagine living anywhere but Sydney; it’s the perfect city for us and our kids but occasionally I feel that our stay here isn’t forever. I don’t think I’m experiencing some kind … Read more

How long?

Last week’s relocation dilemma: Should we go on a reccy? received lots of discussion and great tips over on the Mum’s gone 2 Aus Facebook page and here on the blog. A different but related dilemma is how long to stay in short term accommodation i.e. when you first arrive in Australia before securing a long term rental property or buying a house.

What type of short term accommodation?

Before discussing the length of time families should plan … Read more

Salamanca Market, Hobart (Tourism Tasmania and John de la Roche)

When we planned our relocation to Australia we wanted to move to a big city; like many people we chose between Sydney and Melbourne. However, during our final weeks in the UK I recall watching a TV show about emigration to Australia and the family being featured relocated to Hobart in Tasmania. Their lifestyle and the benefits of living in Australia’s often forgotten state seemed very good. Since then I’ve … Read more

It’s been a busy week at Mum’s gone 2 Aus and it’s Photo Friday, but Mum has barely been out of the house due to the rain, sick children and work on the launch of our latest printable action plan (or e-book) called Choosing Schools and Suburbs in Australia.

Today’s Photo Friday isn’t quite as colourful as Sydney in technicolour, or as quirky as Guess the object; but we hope you’ll forgive us a little (more) self … Read more