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Drawn a blank?

Drawn a blank?

It was a beautiful Spring day in Sydney, I was planning a family birthday party that obviously I knew was in November. I was sat in the car waiting for school pick-up and suddenly an overwhelming feeling of panic spread over me as I felt very strongly like I had forgotten something.

The feeling was so strong I figured I must have forgotten something pretty important. Not the latest form for school, the gas bill or car … Read more

Good quality kids shoes at affordable prices

Since living Down Under, we’ve lost count of the number of families we have heard complaining about the cost of good quality children’s shoes.

Clarks are the ubiquitous brand of kids school shoes in the UK. If your children were born in the UK you probably visited your local Clarks store for their first pair of shoes; and growing up in the UK parents probably wore Clarks school shoes themselves (thankfully they’re a little more stylish these days).

Since … Read more

In today’s Photo Friday Mum is sharing some photos of the Slurpee ad campaign currently running throughout Sydney, and we assume Australia. I would be interested to know whether I’m the only person relocating to Aus who has been surprised by the popularity of Slurpees…

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When I saw these drinks in Sydney, I was reminded of Slush Puppy drinks that were popular in the UK when I was growing up. I thought it was nicely retro … Read more

Previously in our Photo Friday series we published a “Guess the object” article and asked readers to identify an object that you typically find in surf shops around Australia.

In today’s Photo Friday we are asking you to name the brand – we reckon many mums (and possibly dads) reading the blog will have seen this label on someone recently, or own clothing from this brand themselves.

Do you know this brand?

Over the past six months Mum … Read more

A challenge Mum is regularly faced with is sending gifts to children based outside Australia. Of course, the easiest thing to do is pop online and order a suitable toy or item of clothing that can be delivered direct to the recipient. Online shopping is quick and easy but once you have done this several times for the same niece, nephew or god-child it starts to feel impersonal and depending how many children you have to buy for it can … Read more

Today Mum’s sharing a quick photo of British Sweets & Treats at Bondi Junction, Sydney. Mum frequently passes this store and occasionally pops in for some British treats; British Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, PG Tips tea bags, Marmite, Walkers crisps, and my most recent indulgence…salt and vinegar Hula Hoops. If you live in Sydney, British Sweets & Treats is in Bronka Arcade off Oxford Street in Bondi Junction (close to the Oxford Street outdoor market).

British food in Sydney

In Sydney … Read more