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Observant readers will note that I published this on Sunday, although it’s a “Photo Friday” post.  I’ve been meaning to share these photos all week and the neat Mum in me likes to stick with a theme, and share photos in my Photo Friday series. Apologies then for the slightly out of sync post, but it’s been a funny week in Sydney.

Bushfires around Sydney

This week, the bush fires throughout NSW, and surrounding Sydney, have dominated the news and … Read more

Two years ago, in Five things that (still) surprise us about Australia, Mum explained that lack of censorship and the regular informal use of language in popular media in Australia often takes us by surprise.

Language used on the radio and on television regularly raises a smirk, and on occasions a shocked gasp.

Earlier in the year, we visited The Snowy Mountains and were stopped in our tracks by this sign, displayed on a public rubbish bin in Cooma:… Read more

Today I am admitting that I embrace my inner-humbug at this time of year during school pick-up.

I love Christmas and try to make it as special as possible for the kids, whilst keeping a balance between the traditional and the commercial. However, my inner-humbug is at its strongest when my primary-age son appears from the classroom everyday with a handful of lollies.

I love the fact that children send each other cards and appreciate that enclosing a little treat … Read more

When you relocate to a new country there are endless new experiences and customs to get used to. Living in Sydney, by the Ocean for the first time, Family Mum’s gone 2 Aus has had to take sea and beach safety very seriously.

This week we learnt about red algae for the first time.

Red algal bloom, or the red tide experienced along the Sydney and NSW coast this week, is a unique phenomena. According to Wikipedia, a range … Read more

In today’s Photo Friday Mum is sharing some photos of the Slurpee ad campaign currently running throughout Sydney, and we assume Australia. I would be interested to know whether I’m the only person relocating to Aus who has been surprised by the popularity of Slurpees…

Read the fine print

When I saw these drinks in Sydney, I was reminded of Slush Puppy drinks that were popular in the UK when I was growing up. I thought it was nicely retro … Read more

Previously in our Photo Friday series we published a “Guess the object” article and asked readers to identify an object that you typically find in surf shops around Australia.

In today’s Photo Friday we are asking you to name the brand – we reckon many mums (and possibly dads) reading the blog will have seen this label on someone recently, or own clothing from this brand themselves.

Do you know this brand?

Over the past six months Mum … Read more

Those who have lived abroad know better than most that it’s a small world. In today’s Photo Friday we are sharing a photo of Mum and friend, Sharon, out for lunch in Sydney’s CBD. Mum’s connection with Sharon is one of those stories you couldn’t make up if you tried, I’m sure you’ve all got stories like this.

Small world similarities

Sharon and I met at one of the Mum’s gone 2 Aus Sydney meet-ups. We soon realised that we … Read more