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Commuting in Sydney...

Before working as a freelance writer and blogger Mum worked in Information Technology as a Project Manager. It is work I enjoyed, but once our second son arrived I decided, like many mums, that I wanted to find something more child friendly. I looked for a job I could do from home, that allowed me to set my own hours.

Writing and blogging has served me well for several years and Mum’s gone 2 Aus has been … Read more

Job Hunting for Dummies: Australian and New Zealand Edition

Australian edition

On Friday an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) confirmed a rise in job vacancies in the regions referred to as the mining states: Queensland and Western Australia; and highlighted significant competition for job vacancies in New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria.

“In NSW…there were 4.1 unemployed people for each vacancy…in Victoria the figure was 3.6 unemployed people for each vacancy.” “In Western Australia, there are just 1.6 unemployed people for every vacant job, down from … Read more


The job of being a Mum is similar from one person to the next and nobody interviewed me, or tested my nappy changing speed, to ensure I was eligible for the role. The careers working mums follow are varied; Mum isn’t able to list the leading Australian recruitment firms for each business area. However, if you’re starting with a blank canvass, you’ll find Mum’s list of award winning recruiters very useful.

Careermums – Business woman of the year

Before … Read more

Thumbs up

Many people relocate to Australia through their place of work; they request or are recommended for relocation and get visa sponsorship. When we planned our move to Aus, the company my husband worked for didn’t have an Australian office so there was no scope for a work-based move. This meant he started from scratch in terms of the job search, and in the difficult economic climate we knew he needed to explore all means and ways of seeking … Read more


These days, much of our everyday life and personal administration, is based on the Internet. Printed newspapers still have career pages but they rarely list jobs that aren’t also being advertised online. If you want career pages in hardcopy The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Daily Telegraph, and local newspapers and magazines are good places to look. If you’re at ease with the ‘Net’, which I’m expecting you are if you’re reading this, here are Mum’s top 10 Read more

A series

In Working Mum Series #1, we talked about the basics of working in Australia. Mum’s three articles; Curriculum vitae and résumé tips…that’s resume in Australia, Fair Work Ombudsman – the things every Australian employee should know, and Working in Australia: what you’ll get paid – minimum and average wages are essential reading for anyone planning to live and work in Australia.

To help you find your dream job down under, Mum has created series #2 … Read more


A key consideration when moving down under is what you’ll get paid. The cost of living, particularly in cities, is high so you need to make sure you’re earning enough to live your Australian dream.

What is the average wage in Australia?

According to a report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics*, released in February 2010, the average weekly full-time ordinary time adult earnings in Australia are $1,234.10. This would mean an average annual salary of $64,461.20. This … Read more