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Which shipping company?

In our Australian relocation dilemma: What to ship to Australia? Mum discusses the essential items you will want to ship to Aus, as well as some additional products and household items you might like to add to your boxes or container.

Once you’ve decided what to ship you will need to choose a shipping company, and a method of shipping your items.

Boxes, container? Air, Sea? Get a shipping quote or estimate

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Bring or leave?

When relocating to a new home in Australia a significant dilemma families are faced with is “What to ship?” The options range from everything (the entire contents of your current home), to nothing (just clothing and personal items), and somewhere in between.

Your decision about what to ship will be influenced by some critical factors relating to your move.

– Are you keeping a property in your country of origin?

– Are you renting your … Read more

Amid the chaos

Our shipping arrived in Australia seven weeks after us, and a week after we moved into our first long term rental property. By the time we started unpacking we’d forgotten what we shipped. I remember thinking there wasn’t much we had missed very much, and I wondered whether spending over £1,000 shipping 40+ boxes was worth it.

The reality, for us, was that most of the items we shipped belonged to the children. This picture sums it … Read more

Recycle banks


Moving house, especially when moving overseas, generates waste. All those unwanted household items that have been hiding in your loft space come out to look for a new home. The environmentally conscious will find it difficult to take everything to the council dump.

Sell your stuff – As moving abroad is costly, making some money back on your unwanted items is a bonus. Here are some places to start…

  • eBay is the obvious place to sell your unwanted stuff.
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Deciding whether to ship your furniture to Australia, or any new country, is tricky. We needed furniture to rent our property in the UK so leaving everything behind was the easiest, but perhaps not the cheapest, option.


  • Ship if you want to avoid all additional expense when you arrive at your destination. In our experience furniture and household items in Australia are expensive. If you don’t take anything with you, give yourselves a good budget or expect to
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