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Rainy day in Manly

Rainy day in Manly

It’s been quite cloudy this week and today when we stepped out of the house we noticed it had rained overnight (woah, stop the presses).

Tweenie Pom immediately said the air smelt different: “It smells like home, like Wimbledon,” he said happily. Little Pom agreed wholeheartedly. I sucked in a lungful of damp air and I too was reminded of home.

Now, for those who have read earlier blogs and may be wondering whether we have … Read more

AFB with ACN

Shereen is now in the relocation business

When I first landed in Melbourne as a migrant from Malaysia in 1986, I thought I had arrived in paradise. All my dreams had come true. I spoke English very well but with a Malaysian accent. I thought Australians spoke English too, but I couldn’t understand what they said! I enrolled to study for a Bachelor of Business degree with Deakin University as a mature age student. I taped my lectures because I … Read more

Would you like to share your Australian relocation story with Mum’s gone 2 Aus readers?

Mum welcomes contributions, that will be published a guest posts, of up to 1,000 words (500 words is enough, 800 words ideal and 1,000 words plenty).

We’d be happy to hear about your relocation experience – the challenges, the successes, the surprises…or you could pick a topic that you feel would be particularly useful to other readers – finding schools, exploring the city or suburb … Read more