Moving to Australia with children? Mum’s ebooks save you time, and help you make informed decisions about all the critical aspects of your move.

Mum’s Essential Ebook for parents

A MUST read if you’re moving to Australia with children! Practical advice and information about the Australian education system, choosing schools and suburbs, managing your Australian family budget, finding work, and staying safe down under. Years of first-hand experience, and months of invaluable research. A wealth of links, tips and checklists.

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Front Cover

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The ABC of Australian Schooling

The simple format makes this ebook perfect for children relocating to Australia, from Primary to High School. The ABC of Australian Schooling contains 28 pages and 104 terms relating to school life in Aus, each word is supported by an image to help you feel excited and confident about going to school in Australia.

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Reader reviews

“The online books were incredibly resourceful and I recommend them to anyone who is considering a move with kids.”

“The ebooks regarding schooling and where to live have helped us go through our priorities and identify where we would like to live”

Mum’s Essential Ebook is “a very good guide… Well written, well constructed and the tone is spot on!!”

Mum’s Essential Ebook is “a very interesting and valuable e-book.”

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About Mum’s ebooks

Mum’s ebooks are delivered to you electronically, in a PDF file format. The blog content available at Mum’s gone 2 Aus is free. You pay a small fee to receive and use one of our ebooks.

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What do you get for your money?

  • Information – the facts of the matter
  • First-hand experience and insight
  • Practical advice and recommendations
  • A structure to follow to plan and enjoy your move.