Illegal to talk on phone whilst driving

Halleluja! We’ve been in Australia for five months and today I saw my first car being stopped by the police because the driver was talking on their mobile phone. The culprit was female and there were child seats in the car. Possibly, like me, returning from the school run.

Before living in Sydney I didn’t use a car much so I don’t have anything to compare with driving habits here. But recently it’s … Read more


Hills hoist

My children must be seriously confused about their footwear, and probably several other things…

When they head to the beach with me my children hunt out their flip flops. When we get to the beach their Aussie mates tell them to take off their thongs, and my South African husband tells them to put their slops on to head home. That they manage to decipher that we all mean the same thing is a wonder to … Read more

Recycle banks


Moving house, especially when moving overseas, generates waste. All those unwanted household items that have been hiding in your loft space come out to look for a new home. The environmentally conscious will find it difficult to take everything to the council dump.

Sell your stuff – As moving abroad is costly, making some money back on your unwanted items is a bonus. Here are some places to start…

  • eBay is the obvious place to sell your unwanted stuff.
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Was our move stress-free? Not exactly. Once our shipping left, our house was still full of ‘stuff’  to shift  before our tenants moved in; and after we’d been in Aus for a month I realised my bank card, providing the only instant access to our savings, had expired. 

So, with the benefit of hindsight, the tips below are based on what we did and what I wish we’d done. Hopefully it’ll be a stress-free move if you learn from … Read more



Deciding whether to ship your furniture to Australia, or any new country, is tricky. We needed furniture to rent our property in the UK so leaving everything behind was the easiest, but perhaps not the cheapest, option.


  • Ship if you want to avoid all additional expense when you arrive at your destination. In our experience furniture and household items in Australia are expensive. If you don’t take anything with you, give yourselves a good budget or expect to
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Australian Flag by Salvatore Vuono

Australian Flag

When you first move anywhere, especially if you don’t know anyone at your destination, it’s normal to feel lonely. When you’re a mum with young children demanding your attention, lonely isn’t exactly how I’d describe it…but during my early days in Aus I often felt alone.

My husband rightly spent all his time on the job search…applying for roles online, meeting recruiters and prepping for interviews. As we were staying in a small, temporary flat I spent my … Read more

Coogee, Sydney Jan 2010

We moved to Australia, from London, in January 2010. We hold Australian permanent residency visas, and have a close network of family and friends in the UK and around the world. Over the years I’ve worked in major cities across Europe and the US. As a student, I spent time in France and Italy. Perhaps I’ve got inherently itchy feet?

My South African husband was the driving force behind the move to Australia but I was, … Read more