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Rainy day in Manly

Rainy day in Manly

It’s been quite cloudy this week and today when we stepped out of the house we noticed it had rained overnight (woah, stop the presses).

Tweenie Pom immediately said the air smelt different: “It smells like home, like Wimbledon,” he said happily. Little Pom agreed wholeheartedly. I sucked in a lungful of damp air and I too was reminded of home.

Now, for those who have read earlier blogs and may be wondering whether we have … Read more

One year old!

This weekend we’re celebrating Mum’s gone 2 Aus first birthday – Happy Birthday Mum! On 18th June 2010 we published our first article about our move to Australia. We created the website with the aim of helping mums relocating to Australia. Moving your family to the other side of the world is a big deal. There are so many decisions to make and new things to deal with, at the same time as looking after the children; … Read more