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It’s been a quiet few months on the blog, but Mum is still very much in Aus and still committed to helping families moving to Australia.

A very belated Happy New Year to all our readers, new and old, we hope 2014 brings you everything you wish for, especially if it’s a move to Aus!

We have recently returned from a great overseas trip, stopping over in Kuala Lumpur. We haven’t yet covered KL in our stopover destinations series and … Read more

Launching this month

Mum has worked hard to ensure that Mum’s gone 2 Aus provides invaluable support, advice and information for families relocating to Australia. In 2011 we published our first ebook and soon had three ebooks offering everything relocating families need to know about the Australian education system, school-life in Australia, and choosing schools and suburbs.

With any published work it’s critical to keep content up to date. Later this month Mum will be retiring our Smooth Switch to Australian Education and … Read more

At chateau Mum’s gone 2 Aus it feels like summer ended, it started raining, we all got sick, we got better, it stopped raining and now it’s May! The last few months have been a blur of passing the latest bugs between us and keeping the kids entertained during yet another wet spell. That’s what was happening offline.

Online, April was a busy and exciting month and there was a distinct theme at Mum’s gone 2 Aus: Food and Read more

February was a short(er) month but still a big month for Mum’s gone 2 Aus; our visitor stats continue to grow, our Facebook community has become a great place for lively discussion about family relocation and during February we published our 400th article. Oh, and on a personal note, we celebrated our second wedding anniversary, even though we’ve been married for eight years…

Australian relocation dilemmas

This month we launched a new series featuring Australian relocation dilemmas; … Read more

A common dilemma for families considering emigration is “Should we go on a reconnaissance trip?” also called a reccy and spelt in a number of different ways (recci, reccie, recce). If you’re South African you will be wondering whether to take an L.S.D trip…Look See and Discover before you start getting ideas about those crazy South Africans!

To recci or not? What did we do?

When we applied for Australian Permanent Residency we hadn’t set foot in Australia. … Read more

It’s been a busy week at Mum’s gone 2 Aus and it’s Photo Friday, but Mum has barely been out of the house due to the rain, sick children and work on the launch of our latest printable action plan (or e-book) called Choosing Schools and Suburbs in Australia.

Today’s Photo Friday isn’t quite as colourful as Sydney in technicolour, or as quirky as Guess the object; but we hope you’ll forgive us a little (more) self … Read more