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Drawn a blank?

Drawn a blank?

It was a beautiful Spring day in Sydney, I was planning a family birthday party that obviously I knew was in November. I was sat in the car waiting for school pick-up and suddenly an overwhelming feeling of panic spread over me as I felt very strongly like I had forgotten something.

The feeling was so strong I figured I must have forgotten something pretty important. Not the latest form for school, the gas bill or car … Read more

In today’s Photo Friday we’re sharing a photo taken at our local shopping mall. Special thanks to Mum’s friend Leighanne for telling us about this new vending machine that sells thongs.

People reading from the UK may be getting an entirely different impression of what’s being sold; we are not talking about underwear.

The footwear of choice in Australia is thongs; called flip-flops, jandals, or slops depending where you are in the world. For many Australians the only shoes they … Read more

Today Mum’s sharing some pages of a book we borrowed from our local library; Simply Sam by Greg Mitchell, illustrated by Anne Ridgeway. The pages made us smile and reminded us that we’re raising little Australians!

You know your kids are learning to read in Australia when they read books like this…read more.



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Test me!

It’s fair to say I was unprepared for my new life in Australia. Not that I wasn’t organised on some level – belongings were shipped, finances were in place, and my old life in London wrapped up – but when it came to familiarity with my new country my knowledge was lacking.

Five things I knew about Australia

To give you an idea, here’s a quick list of what I knew about Australia before moving here:

  1. From a 
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