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During our initial months in Australia, Mum felt an overwhelming pressure to get private health insurance. As this isn’t an insurance we needed when living in the UK, the task of getting the right insurance for the family was daunting and, at the time, this was just one of many tasks and new services we needed to subscribe to. We’re sure any family moving abroad will relate to this.

The reason private health insurance is important in Australia … Read more

Launching this month

Launching this month

Mum has worked hard to ensure that Mum’s gone 2 Aus provides invaluable support, advice and information for families relocating to Australia. In 2011 we published our first ebook and soon had three ebooks offering everything relocating families need to know about the Australian education system, school-life in Australia, and choosing schools and suburbs.

With any published work it’s critical to keep content up to date. Later this month Mum will be retiring our Smooth Switch to Read more



Last year Mum published The trouble with selling property in the UK at the end of a stressful few months negotiating and completing the sale of our London home. Nearly nine months later I finally feel ready to talk about property again!

Thankfully, the story of our Australian property purchase is much lighter – we entered the Australian property market the easy way.

The dreaded auction

Most readers will know that it’s common to buy and sell property in … Read more

Would you like to share your Australian relocation story with Mum’s gone 2 Aus readers?

Mum welcomes contributions, that will be published a guest posts, of up to 1,000 words (500 words is enough, 800 words ideal and 1,000 words plenty).

We’d be happy to hear about your relocation experience – the challenges, the successes, the surprises…or you could pick a topic that you feel would be particularly useful to other readers – finding schools, exploring the city or suburb … Read more

Loving the Aussie beach lifestyle

Loving the Aussie beach lifestyle

Later this year it will be four years since Family Mum’s gone 2 Aus left London, ready for the move to Aus. Last month it was three years since we launched this blog: Mum’s gone 2 Aus, providing essential support, advice and information for families relocating to Australia.

Recently Mum has received a few messages over on the Mum’s gone 2 Aus Facebook Page asking where I am, and how I am. I admit … Read more

Podcast player

Podcast player

Regular readers will have noticed that these days Mum doesn’t have much time for writing. With my Aussie job, and Aussie family life and home renovations in full swing I don’t get to do much for myself (or for others that aren’t in my direct family or line of sight).

However, I have managed to acquire a new addiction; and it’s something that helps me stay in touch with the UK (where I’m originally from) and increase my … Read more

Hobart Tasmania, Mount Wellington

Next in our series of articles on State capital city links and websites for families relocating to Australia, we are covering Hobart. Tasmania, and its state capital city Hobart, is high on Mum’s list of places to visit.

A little known fact is that Mum’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather was a well-known British convict, sent to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) in 1834. Research into my family history has revealed locations in Hobart where he resided; when we … Read more