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MUST read before moving to Aus

Drum roll please…it’s here!

If you are relocating to Australia with children, Mum’s new essential ebook is your MUST read before making the move.

If you’ve just arrived in Aus and are overwhelmed by the decisions and challenges ahead, read our ebook now and say goodbye to stress.

Mum’s Essential Ebook for parents is available today for only $AU12.

Our Essential Ebook includes revisions to our previously published ebooks “A Smooth Switch to Australian … Read more

Hit the books on Aus education

Hit the books on Aus education

In August 2011, the year our eldest son started Primary School in Australia, we published our first ebook to assist families relocating to Aus. Our education ebook, entitled A Smooth Switch to Australian Schooling, covers everything parents need to know about the Australian education and schooling system.

A Smooth Switch to Australian Schooling is over a year old and this year (approx. March 2013) we will launch a revised and updated edition.

We … Read more

Living in Australia

During the month of September it occurred to me that I feel like I’m truly LIVING in Australia now, rather than transitioning to life down under. I’m going to write more about these thoughts soon; I think this sentiment is reflected in some of the articles we have recently published.

We started the month but sharing news of a meat raffle win at our local bowling club. When we first arrived we were wary of entering local … Read more

Printable action plans

On Thursday Mum announced our new service; a range of printable action plans to assist with your move to Australia. Tomorrow we will be launching “A Smooth Switch to Australian Schooling”.

“A Smooth Switch to Australian Schooling” is your Australian Education Action Plan. The document enables you to determine the best time to move to Australia, and provides the information you need to understand the impact of your move on your child’s education. It is critical reading … Read more

One, two...

Lesley Snell is a qualified UK primary school teacher and founder of Northern Beaches Know-How, a service offering advice and guidance on relocation to Sydney’s Northern Beaches suburbs. If you’re planning your relocation to Australia, here are Lesley’s five things you need to know about schooling.

1. Clarify your visa position and education entitlements. In NSW, families on a temporary visa may face education fees of $AU4000 to $AU5500 per child, per year for a government … Read more

School days

We often refer to them as the best years of our lives. Parents reminisce about the carefree days in the classroom, during the early years at least. And whilst school is still as much fun in Aus as it will have been in your home country, parents have plenty to learn about Australian terminology and the education system – here’s an outline of how things work.

Primary School

Children in Australia start primary school around the age of … Read more