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Aptamil in Aus

A glance to the right sidebar of this site will tell you that the most popular article on this blog is Baby formula in Australia – brands sold, where to buy, and cost. If you’re visiting or relocating to Australia with a baby or toddler who drinks formula milk, the first thing you’ll want to know is whether you can get hold of their brand of choice down under.

In the UK, where Mum had our … Read more

Family room at Festive Hotel, Resorts World

The flight time from the UK to Australia, via Singapore, is as quick as it’s going to get, but if you’re travelling with children, a break from the plane may still be necessary, for everyone’s sanity. Here are Mum (and friend’s) recommendations for family friendly hotels in Singapore.

Crown Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport

If you’ve only got a short stopover and aren’t interested in looking around Singapore, the Crown Plaza Hotel at Read more

Photos on Fridays

Today Mum is announcing the start of a popular blogging phenomenon…photo Friday! Every Friday Mum is going to publish a photo about life in Australia. It might be a photo of one of Mum’s favourite hang-outs, or simply an image that sums up what it’s like for a mum who has recently moved to Aus. Other categories might include Australian wildlife, plants, celebrities (coz Mum bumps into them all the time, right?), or even Mum doing … Read more

Everyone belongs

Next Monday, 21st March, is Harmony Day in Australia. The day is also the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Harmony Day, first held in 1999, is managed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), a department most readers of this site will be very familiar with! It is a day where Australians celebrate cultural diversity.

When we arrived in Australia over a year ago, one of Mum’s overriding first impressions … Read more

Play day

Next week (20th – 26th March) is National Playgroup Week in Australia, and the annual World’s Biggest Playgroup Day is being held on Wednesday 23rd March (9:30am – 4pm) at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney.

Mum attended the World’s Biggest Playgroup Day in 2010, shortly after arriving in Australia, and had a great time. The museum is fun to look around by itself but with special events, performances and craft activities for little ones it makes … Read more


Jet lag is something inevitable about the flight to Australia. It’s an exhausting consequence of changing to a different time zone. It is also said to be associated with the lower levels of oxygen we experience during air travel.

Mum was recently contacted by a Mum’s gone 2 Aus reader travelling from the UK to Australia with a three month old baby. Establishing a regular eating and sleeping routine for a baby is no easy thing, so the thought … Read more


Last week Mum attended her first Aussie baby shower, what a great tradition! In the UK, we’re slowly catching on to this lovely Mummy party but for British mums it’s still a rare event. Mums from the United States will be familiar with the format. Is the fact that baby showers are big here another indicator of how closely aligned Australia is to American culture?

Who has a baby shower? Mums expecting babies of course! A baby shower is … Read more