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Loving autumn leaves

For European mums who immigrate to Australia, the change in climate and different timing of the seasons is quite an adjustment.

Today is the first day of Autumn in Oz. In the UK, where Mum grew up, autumn was always a special season, but the reasons Mum loves autumn in England can’t really be emulated here.

Seasons and our associations

Wherever we grow up we develop strong associations with the change of seasons; these associations function like … Read more

Santa loves Aussie BBQs

This week I started getting nervous that I’d provided incorrect information regarding posting Christmas letters to Santa. In our article Posting Christmas cards and gifts in and from Australia, Mum provided Santa’s address in Australia (via the North Pole of course) and said that letters needed to be posted by 17th December to get a reply by Christmas. And I was very proud of myself when I managed to get my children’s letters into the … Read more

A beach tree

Christmas feels different when you’re spending it in a new country for the first time. This isn’t Mum’s first hot Christmas but it is the first Christmas we’ve hosted outside of the UK. During the lead up to Christmas I didn’t feel Christmassy at all, apart from the usual shopping frenzy, and wondered when my Aussie Christmas spirit was going to kick in. I think the arrival of visitors from the UK, warm weather, and end of … Read more

Two cockatoos

Last weekend we went to see The Three Kings at the Sydney Opera House, part of the Babies Proms series. It was a performance of Christmas songs based around the story of The Three Kings. The show ran for 30 minutes and was pitched perfectly for the 2 – 5 age range.

As well as traditional Christmas songs and hymns, we sang the Australian version of The Twelve days of Christmas. Mum had never heard it … Read more

Tick tock

At the beginning of November Mum published an article on Christmas postage from and in Australia, the article has become one of the most frequently viewed articles on the site. It seems that Mum’s gone 2 Aus readers, like Mum, have good intentions of getting Christmas mail there on time.

How did you do?

I’m breathing a sigh of relief because I’ve done all my overseas posting. The cut-off date, to guarantee delivery before Christmas to most … Read more

Put books under the tree

Regular readers will have noticed that Mum loves children’s books. With the lead up to our first Christmas in Australia, we’re gradually getting to know the Aussie versions of popular stories and songs. I recently attended my son’s Christmas concert and witnessed a great Aussie bush dance, and pitch perfect rendition of Christmas where the gum trees grow.

I’ve said before that books are a great way to immerse the entire family in your … Read more

Some sun please

The 1st December is the official start of summer in Australia. We’ve been living in Aus for eleven months and I’m still getting used to basic things like the change in seasons.

When do Australian seasons start and end?

Here’s a quick reminder of the seasons down under;

Summer: December to February, Autumn: March to May, Winter: June to August, Spring: September to November.

If you’re new to Aus or about to relocate, … Read more