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In transit

Mum recently read an interesting article about Adapting to life as an Expatriate. The article is published at Transitions Abroad, the website of Transitions Abroad Publishing, who publish a magazine with the same name. The magazine is dedicated to work, study, living, and cultural immersion abroad, and has been published for more than 30 years. The website and monthly webzine offer a comprehensive range of articles and resources relating to life overseas.

The article Mum came … Read more

Happy to be in Aus

We took this photo of our son a few weeks after arriving in Australia; we were on our way for a BBQ at a local park. Whilst Mr Mum’s gone 2 Aus and I were stressing about the slow job market, how best to spend our savings, where to live, and whether sick family in the UK would be alright, our son’s beaming face gave us a much needed pick-me-up.

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Bore water in use

Since living in Sydney Mum has been walking and driving past these signs: “Bore Water in use” or “Bore Water Irrigation”, and wondering why they’re needed. They are usually displayed in house gardens and in public spaces such as parks and reserves.

What is bore water?

Bore water is water that has been extracted from a bore, or hole, in the ground. The hole has been drilled in the ground, and normally sits beneath several layers … Read more

Photos on Fridays

Today Mum is announcing the start of a popular blogging phenomenon…photo Friday! Every Friday Mum is going to publish a photo about life in Australia. It might be a photo of one of Mum’s favourite hang-outs, or simply an image that sums up what it’s like for a mum who has recently moved to Aus. Other categories might include Australian wildlife, plants, celebrities (coz Mum bumps into them all the time, right?), or even Mum doing … Read more

Everyone belongs

Next Monday, 21st March, is Harmony Day in Australia. The day is also the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Harmony Day, first held in 1999, is managed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC), a department most readers of this site will be very familiar with! It is a day where Australians celebrate cultural diversity.

When we arrived in Australia over a year ago, one of Mum’s overriding first impressions … Read more

Can chuck a uey

Yesterday, Mr Mum’s gone 2 Aus got his first two demerit points on his Australian driver’s license, and was fined $200. The driving offence was typically Australian: he ‘chucked a u-ey’ at some traffic lights without checking whether this particular set of lights were u-turn enabled.

In NSW, you can’t do a u-turn at traffic lights unless there’s a sign telling you it’s allowed. Mum’s British highway code is rusty but we’re pretty sure you can … Read more

Play day

Next week (20th – 26th March) is National Playgroup Week in Australia, and the annual World’s Biggest Playgroup Day is being held on Wednesday 23rd March (9:30am – 4pm) at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney.

Mum attended the World’s Biggest Playgroup Day in 2010, shortly after arriving in Australia, and had a great time. The museum is fun to look around by itself but with special events, performances and craft activities for little ones it makes … Read more