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Off to the office…

Just over a year ago Mum published Five things that (still) surprise us about Australia… and we talked about the lack of TV and radio censorship, as well as car culture, and advertising against government policies. Another year on there are still things about life in Aus that take us by surprise. Here is a list of five more things that surprise us about Australia….

Happy Father’s Day to all!

1. The first observation is a … Read more

Mum's gone 2 Aus is two!

A number of events and changes at chateau Mum’s gone 2 Aus mean this wrap-up covers the past two months: June \ July 2012; and moving forwards we will be publishing wrap-ups and sending our newsletter bi-monthly.

Regular readers will know that in June Mum made an emergency trip back to the UK. We shared an update on this in Second birthday and the changing face of Mum’s gone 2 Aus and more recently … Read more

Australian Easter Bilby

At chateau Mum’s gone 2 Aus it feels like summer ended, it started raining, we all got sick, we got better, it stopped raining and now it’s May! The last few months have been a blur of passing the latest bugs between us and keeping the kids entertained during yet another wet spell. That’s what was happening offline.

Online, April was a busy and exciting month and there was a distinct theme at Mum’s gone 2 AusRead more

Well stocked shelves

Following on from our recent articles on food and eating habits in Australia: Jamie Oliver – Australia needs you! and Children’s snacks and lunch box fillers: The healthier options in Australia, in today’s Photo Friday we’re sharing information and images on the “free from” food available in Australian supermarkets.

As we’ve mentioned before, when you first arrive in Australia and have a million and one things to plan and get used to, supermarket shopping can seem … Read more

In Jamie Oliver – Australia needs you! we discussed food labelling standards in Australia and foods sold in Australian schools. When we arrived in Australia we went through a complete re-education in terms of identifying the most natural food brands for our children.

Our boys eat constantly and our eldest is more interested in playing during his breaks at school than eating. I find preparing an interesting and healthy packed lunch every day quite challenging; and making sure our snack-a-lot … Read more

Bring or leave?

When relocating to a new home in Australia a significant dilemma families are faced with is “What to ship?” The options range from everything (the entire contents of your current home), to nothing (just clothing and personal items), and somewhere in between.

Your decision about what to ship will be influenced by some critical factors relating to your move.

– Are you keeping a property in your country of origin?

– Are you renting your … Read more

Manual or automatic?

Mum isn’t exactly a car person. I’m not overly hung up on the make or model I drive and in the past have made a conscious effort to avoid owning a car because of the impact on my stress levels and the environment. However, when we moved to Sydney two years ago I had been informed (and warned) that my attitude to cars and driving would change; that I would have to become a car person. Not … Read more