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Launching this month

Launching this month

Mum has worked hard to ensure that Mum’s gone 2 Aus provides invaluable support, advice and information for families relocating to Australia. In 2011 we published our first ebook and soon had three ebooks offering everything relocating families need to know about the Australian education system, school-life in Australia, and choosing schools and suburbs.

With any published work it’s critical to keep content up to date. Later this month Mum will be retiring our Smooth Switch to Read more

Podcast player

Podcast player

Regular readers will have noticed that these days Mum doesn’t have much time for writing. With my Aussie job, and Aussie family life and home renovations in full swing I don’t get to do much for myself (or for others that aren’t in my direct family or line of sight).

However, I have managed to acquire a new addiction; and it’s something that helps me stay in touch with the UK (where I’m originally from) and increase my … Read more

Kids love Questacon

When we told friends in Sydney that we were heading to Canberra for the weekend we got a mixed response. Some of our expat friends asked a cautious; ”Why?” and explained that they understood Canberra to be fairly boring and a clinical city. At the other end of the scale was the response from Aussie friends who know Canberra well, “Excellent, you’ll love it! There’s so much to do!”

We left Sydney at 2pm on a Friday … Read more

Need more sleep?

Australian media recently announced a new mobile phone \ Facebook app that provides real-time advice to parents experiencing sleep-related issues with their children.

The report Mum read in the Daily Telegraph confirms that, “In Australia, about 25 per cent of up to three-year-olds have sleep problems and, with older children aged three to six, 18 per cent of mums consider their child’s sleep a problem.”

The new Live Advice Facebook service is offered by Tresillian and sponsored … Read more

Easter Bilby

Happy Easter to all Mum’s gone 2 Aus readers! We hope the Easter Bunny has found your garden or living room and that you’re enjoying some family time over the public holiday weekend.

This year, in Australia, Mum’s been wondering when Easter got so big and whether Easter is celebrated more in Australia than other parts of the world.

When we were a children…

As parents we often find ourselves thinking back to how things worked when we … Read more

Like Facebook

You may or may not know that Mum and Mum’s gone 2 Aus regularly feature on Twitter. Our Twitter account is @shusselmann and all articles we post here and on Facebook are tweeted to around 150 followers. We have tweeted and retweeted nearly 200 times.

When I first started blogging I remember telling my professional self, “I don’t do Twitter!”

Twitter was alien to me and it didn’t sound like something I would get into. Mixed media reviews … Read more

Mine's the diamante!

Family relocation, whether to Australia or elsewhere in the world, has a distinct pitfall for Mum and Dad – making friends is hard once you’re a parent. The families we talk to say that making friends is one of the hardest things about their relocation.

The pitfalls of parent friendships

When you become a parent life is suddenly all about the kids. Putting our wants and wishes last has got worse as our children have got older … Read more